Sky News Ban

Jacinta Allan

It’s hard to know what to make of the Victorian government sometimes. On any given day its actions resemble those of either a quasi-Stalinist state, a criminal enterprise, a sexual-deviant’s paradise or a lunatic asylum. Some days, like the seasons, all four of them.

Occasionally, they seem to act on a whim, which might well have been the case with Jacinta Allan’s Sky News ban at Melbourne train stations and her subsequent lame attempts to justify it to some Sky chick with triple the I.Q. (Laura Jayes).

Did Allan, on a whim, suddenly see this as an ideal opportunity to draw national attention to herself? Had she long realised (having proved completely useless in so many respects) that there were too few options open for a boot-faced Labor apparatchik like her to be noticed, and that she should seize this one opportunity while she could?

For instance, trying to sex herself up would have failed miserably. For example, though it might have got a lot of mileage for a hot chick like Emma Husar, performing lewd Basic Instinct moves for the benefit of Parliament was never going to work for Allan, given that she is so remarkably ugly in the first place.

Nor would she gain much sex-appeal traction from wantonly shagging everyone in Parliament (while deploying the old ‘all men are rapists’ ploy to deflect attention) because this has already been fully tried and tested by The Greens. (Shagalot’s patent still pending, according to Hansard). Besides, it would only make Allan end up in court having to pretend that she is not a common slut after all.

No, according to my learned, classically-educated lawyer: all this (above) is utta crappa*. Banning Sky News was not done on a whim by an ugly, attention-seeking, hair-brained idiot with no evident sex-appeal. It was, in fact, the deliberate cynical act of a hapless, quasi-Stalinist government, desperate to shut down the free-press in the lead up to the November elections.
And it cannot have been otherwise.


*Latin for ‘complete rubbish’

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You Can Shove Your Globalist Migrant Compact

Peter ‘Stuff ’em’ Dutton

Breaking news yesterday that Australia will be withdrawing from the UN’s appalling Global Migrant Compact after all is cause for major celebration.

For a moment there, many of us had the sneaking suspicion that our government was about to give into the cultural Marxists demands and hand Australia’s sovereignty over to them on a plate, but it looks like we needn’t have worried. In the face of enormous globalist pressure, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton is not having a bar of it. That is, despite being diplomatically involved in the drafting of the Compact from the very beginning, politely trying to get them to see reason, Australia has now politely and diplomatically told the UN to go get stuffed.

The US and Hungary were the first to do so over this proposed act of sovereign treachery some time back. In short, the Compact marxist idiocy mandates that Australia should make no distinction between illegal and legal refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and economic migrants, and that we should not use incarceration (in Manus, etc) as a deterrent.

If that isn’t bad enough, Australia would have to be cleansed of any negative perceptions about migrants (including, presumably, Muslims who bludge off our dole while secretly plotting to kill us) through a UN-guided program of mass-media brainwashing of the entire Australian populace. And, to make it all work effectively,  recalcitrant judiciary, journalists and politicians who disagree with the globalist diktat would have to be despatched to UN-designated overseas camps for re-education.

Australia’s negotiators continued to hang around long enough to confirm what Hungry and the US had already discovered – ‘that all this shit is for real’ – before Dutton finally pulled the plug yesterday.

Following fast on the heels of this excellent news, no doubt, we can look forward to the entertaining spectacle of yet another Greens melt-down: Nick McKim lapsing into a frenzied froth again, calling everyone associated with it ‘disgusting’, and SHY – or Shagalot (court-decision still pending) – sobbing and blubbering and blathering incoherently a lot, and Adam Bandt wetting and positively getting his pink knickers in a knot again.

The Left in general will cry ‘national disgrace’ and ‘racist’ and rant about the obscenity of Australia being associated with Trump and Orban, and, oh, the humiliation of it all.  All this, of course, once again confirming Dutton’s excellent PM credentials.

And, surely, the rejection of this globalist, open-borders Compact (which Labor cannot possibly support with any credibility) will be a perfect vote winner at the next election? Shorten must really be squirming.

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Migrant Maths Awards

Caucher Birkar

Screaming headlines on The Guardian’s UK edition today: “Former refugee among winners” of prestigious maths prize.

After years of pushing for the transformation of Europe into an Afro-Middle-Eastern shit-hole, The Guardian’s got a success story they can point to: a Kurd refugee who apparently really knows his times-tables. Until now, the Left has lied and dissembled about refugees, pointing to the likes of Freddie Mercury – of all people –  to justify completely stuffing up our once great civilisation. That Freddie Mercury (famous for being the lead Queen queer) was not a refugee, but emigrated to the UK from Zanzibar over 50 years ago, is overlooked.

Now the Left have finally got a more credible refugee to gush, virtue-signal and fawn over. It is Caucher Birkat from Cambridge University who is one of the four winners of the Fields Prize (roughly equivalent to a Nobel Prize) announced today.

But note and savour the utter hypocrisy with which The Guardian can, on the one hand, praise one single ‘refugee’ for exceptional achievements in maths, but on the other, ruthlessly censor mention of the exceptional achievements of the countless numbers of other ‘refugees’. Exceptional achievements, such as defrauding and sucking the life out of social-security, molesting women, raping children, defecating in swimming pools and killing a lot of people in one fell swoop.

However, before anyone for one moment thinks this as a watershed moment, where Westerners will suddenly be won over by millions of refugees and migrants barely literate in their own language because one of them just happens to know how to add up, they should think again.

Birkat is exceptional, and his true circumstances nail the lie in today’s Guardian: the smug, implied assertion that their efforts in aiding and abetting the destruction of The West have been fully vindicated with Birkat’s prize.

Firstly, Birkat, an Iranian Kurd, migrated to the UK from Tehran in 2000. That was 15 years before that mad-as-bat-shit Merkel announced (to you know who), “After 1400 years of ruining the Middle East, why don’t you come on over and ruin Europe too?”

Secondly, there is the question of merit.
Given their famous victories against ISIS and their long struggles against Ankara and Tehran, Kurds are clearly good people to have on Western Civilisation’s side, and should always be given every consideration. That is of course, as opposed to the you know whos from neighbouring shit-holes, who we all know (in our heart of hearts) should always be shot or told to immediately fuck off back to where they came from.

So Birkat was vetted and found in advance to likely  be good migrant material. And they were right. These days, scratch the surface of one of The Guardian’s favourite, and unvetted, contenders for migration and out will pop a multi-tasker. That is, a jihadist, mysoginist, child-rapist, liar, dole bludger – all-in-one.

The Guardian notes, too, that Aussie Akshay Venkatesh was also among the Fields prize-winners. Apparently of Indian Hindu descent and growing up in Perth, Akshay is to be also fully congratulated. Not just in a patriotic, Aussie kind of way, or  in a suck-holing, Guardian, slavish kind of luvvie way, but also in a way (imho) which directy recognises his own ancestors’ scientific achievements. Advancements in their civilisation despite having an adversary (you know what) embedded in their midst since independence from the British in 1947. A sizeable quantity of you know whos, not quite so easy to be rid of, as the final clause of my paragraph (the second above) would suggest.

In the end, we have every reason to join The Guardian in congratulating both Venkatesh and Birkat for their achievements, albeit not with the same teary-eyed, luvvie unctuousness.

Additionally, we should give The Guardian credit for its tenacity in holding out for impossible dreams. In particular, to the dream of a you know who refugee Nobel prize-winner that they can kiss-arse and crow about for a long time, before that whining, whingeing wank of a rag of theirs goes the way of those other leftist carbuncles on the rump of Western civilisation (The Age and the SMH). And that is, down the tube.

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Israel To The Rescue.

Jihadists wearing white helmets

Feel good story of the week for many in Australia (other than Emma Husar being outed as the lying, system-rorting hypocrite that she is) was Israel’s rescue of hundreds of ‘White Helmets’ from the murderous jaws of Assad’s approaching forces. Trapped in the Golan Heights, in danger of being wiped out, the Israelis  managed to extract 422 of them  in the nick of time. All at the behest of the US and the EU.

But was it really a feel good story?
To the Main Stream leftist idiocy which continues to extol the virtues of everything anti-Trump, anti-Assad or anti-Russian, the answer is yes. But to the Syrians, Russians and to everyone else grounded in reality, the answer is no.

For too long the MSM have been reinforcing their feel-good, romantic Syrian civil war myth. Spinning us the line that the WHs are heroes engaged in nothing more than dangerous emergency relief work in a horrific civil war. That these selfless Muslims were rushing to the scene to dig out, not innocent victims but, preferably, ISIS fighters and their families – only – from the rubble of Assad’s latest air-strikes, was an inconvenient truth.

When this romantic myth was debunked some time back, and it became abundantly clear that the WH were only predominantly interested in aiding ISIS, the MSM ignored it. No matter, too, to the MSM that the WHs were actively caught a number of times fabricating video evidence of ‘Assad’s crimes,’ because the slavish, ‘good-Muslim-fantasising‘ Left had already made up their minds.

What’s more, the fantasy needed to be taken by the MSM to its logical extension. That is, a ‘good-Muslim‘, kiss-arse film had to be made about this complete fairy-tale without delay, just so that craven Hollywood, Muslim-kiss-arse virtue-signalling elites could stand-up, cheer and tearfully applaud and award it a kiss-arse, hug-a-Muslim type Oscar.
And it was made.
And they did. (2016.)

So why would Israel come to the aid of the White Helmets when they would have known all along about their true nature?

The reasons would be complex but my guess is that, first and foremost, PR. Rescuing these accomplices to mass-murder from the clutches of another mass-murderer would rightly boost the image as a country. A civilised state that, unlike the vile Muslim world surrounding it, doesn’t discriminate when it comes to humanitarian aid.

Secondly, because the deal entailed resettlement of the WHs in Europe, Israel wouldn’t be burdened with the next stage: integrating mass-murder sympathisers back into a civilised society.

That is, Israel could leave it to those Euro idiots to try to put the WHs through some farcical, de-radicalisation program, failing to make one iota of a difference, then dumping them out of despair in the nice, tolerant and inclusive multi-cultural suburbs of Brussels or in the Paris banlieues somewhere, and hoping no one will notice. (Which, these days, can be guaranteed.)

It all makes perfect sense.

Go Israel.

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Good and Evil

Emma ‘Single-mum’ (boo-hoo) Husar

Is Emma Husar really a good person, as Shorten suggests?
Let’s face it, she’s not the first person to (allegedly) be caught rorting the political system. And she won’t be the last. But, if the allegations are shown to be true, she may well be the first  Labor female politician to have her elitist, secret contempt for the lower orders laid bare for everyone to see. Her exploitation and bullying of her staff, if proven, will also serve to remind everyone that the Labor elite, once on the taxpayers’ payroll, care more about keeping their snouts in the trough than they do about the interests of the working class.

Thinking voters will well know that the ‘I’m a single-mum’ plea is normally the standard grievance-button women automatically reach for when appealing for sympathy from gullible or very stupid people  (basically, the entire Labor-Green electorate.) This time Husar shamelessly reverts to it as an excuse. That is, in answer to charges of humiliating and bullying workers, and swindling taxpayers, she more or less exclaims, “But I am a single mum!” And the rest of the Labor comrades rally to her cause: “But she is a single mum!”

Nonetheless, to my mind, her bullying and swindling are comparatively minor transgressions. Minor, that is, when compared to her most (reported) egregious crime, and that is ordering someone to do the dishes so as to better appreciate his white, male privilege.

If this was the case, and we were living in another time, a former, more pleasant, sensible, HR-free era, much favoured by most decent people these days, Shorten’s “good person” would have been immediately denounced as an evil witch. She would then have been promptly stripped naked, tarred and feathered, and summarily burnt at the stake.

Sadly, these days, the very best we can do (sigh) is hold Husar up as a shining example of why modern Labor is nothing but a shitload of corruption and perverse ideologies that should never, ever, be given the opportunity to govern again.

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Winchester Bells or Allahu Akhbar?

‘Listening to the lovely bells of Winchester, one of our great mediaeval cathedrals.
So much nicer than the aggressive-sounding “Allahu Akhbar.”
– Richard Dawkins

Following Richard Dawkins’ Monday tweet (above), the Islamists and their slathering Western running dogs are on the outrage warpath again. Once again we have  Muslims and their joyless MTP (Multiculture Thought Police) allies out to shut down and destroy everyone like Dawkins that even hints that Islam might just be a crock of sh*t after all.

For probably the most rational man on the planet to even think that Winchester church bells are pleasant to listen to is outrageously racist and Islamophobic in the first place. But the thought that these bells might be more pleasant to listen to than to the excruciatingly medieval-ravings of some Muzzie muezzin maniac in a minaret somewhere, amounts to a thought-crime of the highest order. So there is only one thing left to do: shut him down. Dawkins and his rational remarks are totally Islamophobic,  and he needs to be removed from the public discourse immediately.

Much to the MTP’s dismay, yesterday in The Independent Richard Dawkins proffered more evidence to support the ‘Crock of Sh*t’ argument. Further putting at risk the future of the Left’s STASI-inspired political straight-jacket, Dawkins had the audacity to remind everyone that ‘Allahu akbar’ is also ‘the last thing you hear before the suicide bomb goes off’’.

This was really beyond the pale.
A deviation of this magnitude from the agreed PC-script (i.e., defiantly publishing observable facts) by one of their favourite sons was always going to trigger an enormous hissy-fit from the Muslim-Leftist axis. Besides, on reading this tweet from one of their favourite, ideologically-sound pin-up boys, the demoralising effect on the millions of moral-equivalency Polyannas world-wide would be incalculable. The realisation might suddenly dawn on all these feather-brained luvvies (who have long swallowed the MTP’s line and enthusiastically supported the large trash intakes) … The sobering realistion that Islam and mass-slaughter are compatible and all that’s needed to make it so is to give Allah a great rap a second or so before you push the button … then off you go! This might be just too much to bear.

Dawkins’ Independent remarks again provoked the usual, brainless Muslim advocates out there to launch into the predictable hysteria and brainless name-calling. All they could do, though, is brainlessly accuse Dawkins of bigotry, Islamophobia etc, because – brainless-idiots that they are – when it comes to defending the indefensible, that’s all the arguments they’ve got. Because, let’s face it, if they exclusively own the rap, the following bang belongs to them too.

In the end, evolutionary biologist Professor Gad Saad came to the defence of the “Islam’s Not At All A Crock of Shit’ argument (or did he?) when he tweeted that, ” … when properly translated, ‘Allahu Akbar’ means ‘We love all people but hold a special fondness for Jews, women, and gays.’  Don’t worry. It’s a message of love, tolerance, and liberalism.“*

A final thought. Are we seeing the first signs of a U-turn, a return to Jesus moment for Dawkins? Probably not.


*Sarcasm, or not – you be the judge.

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Morning Idiocy

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour

I don’t know about you but there’s nothing like watching the spectacle of a complete Leftist melt-down on TV to really lift your spirits in the morning. Some do yoga, put on music, watch the sunrise, or listen to the dawn chorus. But for the more discerning, such as yours truly, rather than listening to Bach or the kookaburras, switching on CNN first thing and watching those idiots going completely berserk in the morning is far more rewarding.

You can’t beat it. Short of vomit-inducing presenters like Amanpour and Anderson Cooper finally ridding themselves of their Trump Derangement Syndrome by (I highly-recommend) throwing themselves off the nearest roof live, on prime-time TV, that is. Or if they had any real convictions, following in the footsteps of the Saigon monks in 1963, and Bouazizi in Tunisia in 2010, opt for self-immolation.

That would really raise virtue-signalling to new heights and we on the right of politics would have no choice but to stand up and wildly applaud. Particularly if some of their fellow presenters here on SBS and ABC went ahead and followed suit.

But, even without Trump occasionally uttering something completely stupid, as he did in Helsinki yesterday, there are always going to be melt-downs and leftists frothings at the mouth like demented camels to look forward to watching every morning. This deranged, Democrat circus has a lot of life in it yet.

The main beneficiaries, of course, to their antics will be those who, like me, continue to get a kick out of them, and Russia itself. The latter – and its leader – being all that more quite rightly admired not just in spite of it all, but because of it.

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Shag-alot, or Lying-hjelm?

Now in the hands of the lawyers, time will soon tell whether David Leyonhjelm’s insinuations about Sarah Hanson Young – being both promiscuous with men (yes, a slut) and simultaneously a hater of them (yes, a misandrist) – have any basis in fact.

Having since considered the matter carefully, however, Leyonhjelm’s allegations seem to me now to be totally absurd, a complete contradiction in terms. Because, taken together with her parliamentary remarks, as I understand it,  SHY/Shagalot (you be the judge) is suffering from some kind of sexual, cognitive dissonance whereby she is more than happy to be screwed by those who she hates and believes to be consummate rapists (all men). So, I don’t buy it for one moment.

Unless, of course, her (alleged) extra-curricular activities serve some sort of ulterior motive. For example, one that is carefully contrived – and I’m speculating here – to couple her sound, Green credentials with a warm-hearted, forgiving and generous, open-legs policy towards men – regardless of their alleged crimes – in order  to make her more popular with male voters.

The problem is, for the 90% remaining sensible part of the population, that would make her out to be a shameless slut. A shameless slut, prone to mouthing hysterical gibberish at taxpayers’ expense every time she stands up in Parliament. But my lawyers tell me to say that I don’t buy that one either.

I’ll leave it up to the courts to decide, but my guess is that Leyonhjelm’s going to be suddenly short of a few quid sometime soon ….
Or, WILL he …?

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Rally For The ABC

Kerry O’Brien
‘Crusty, old has-been’?

Off to Sunday’s rally in support of the ABC, just for a laugh and to gloat over its demise. But without the necessary crypto-commie credentials, infiltrating the enemy’s camp was never going to be easy. Agreed, simply sporting a ‘F**k Donald Trump’ T-Shirt and a stupid grin on my face would have gained me instant access (as well as a doctorate in Fascist Studies at any Aussie uni. these days, come to think of it). In the end, though I just loitered around the entrance until the opportunity to slip in undetected came when Magda Szubanski’s arrival at the doors resulted in a brief solar-eclipse.

Packed to the rafters with the usual luvvies, humourless commissars, Stalinists, etc. Victimhood and denial, as expected, was the order of the day, for – joy o joy – the only tax-payer funded member of the tyrannical troika, the one which effectively rules this country  – the others being The Guardian and the SMH) is under siege.

Appearing for the ABC’s collective defence were some of the usual collective’s detritus: that old phony, Phillip Adams, that feminist loony-tune, Eva Cox and crusty, old has-been, Kerry O’Brien. Others less contemptuous included broadcaster Robyn Williams, Hugo Weaving, Benita Collings and Julian Morrow, as well as (still resembling an old garden gnome that’s been repeatedly urinated upon by someone’s pet Borzhoi) Schindler’s List author, Tom Keneally.

O’Brien gets up to speak, droning on monotonously for quite some time in that stupid Gillard-esque nasal tone of his. Aggrieved, appalled, offended, appealing for support. Smug and entirely unfunny, lefty-pinko and out-and-out pseud, Phillip Adams, has the unmitigated gall to call upon conservatives – of all people – to help save the ABC’s neck. This, after conservatives themselves have been the continuous butt of Adam’s pseudo-intellectual ridicule for some 30 years.

Others take turns, having a whinge in their own, ideologically lefty way. Sad, pathetic and enormously funny.

Adams claims that these were “dark times” and that the ABC is under attack by the Liberal Party, NewsCorp, the IPA, fascists, little green men, cup-cakes … No mention that over 90% of the population loathe him and his ridiculous show. In the old days most educated Aussies dismissed Adams as ‘that big, commie pooftah’. These PC days,  just calling him a c*** before immediately switching him off is all they can do.

Szubanski, great comedienne that she is, vapidly called the ABC the “soul” of the nation, with many genuinely surprised to find yet another idiot in the room.

Finally, O’Brien (assuming any conservatives listening to be quite stupid too) pleads for further government scrutiny not to be driven by “political prejudice or ideology.” As though the progressive freak-show that this commie-collective has been shoving down Aussie throats at tax-payers’ expense for the past few decades is not ideological and not prejudiced.

More whinge-fests planned across Australia in the coming weeks. Can’t wait.

Given all this, a fair observer of the proceedings could only conclude one thing, and one thing only. And that is, if Michelle Guthrie, ABC head-honcho, had an ounce of integrity she would (metaphorically speaking) do the decent thing and discreetly withdraw to the back room somewhere, draw the curtains, then take out a revolver and quietly blow the ABC’s collective brains out. Sensible people know that that is the least she can do for the country.

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