Achievement Award?


John Liston Byam Shaw 003.jpg    Meghan Markle Will Be More Than Just a Wife to Prince Harry
Queen Markle (left), Queen Jezebel (right)

Opening the papers today, amongst all the doom and gloom, a reason to rejoice: Meghan Markle has proclaimed herself ‘THE most trolled person in the known universe. This is tremendous news coming from the Queen-wannabe, but few would argue that it was not unexpected. Nor that it was not richly deserved. Let’s face it, not even Jezebel – were she to be alive today – could have even approached this level of public acclaim. And Lady Macbeth must be spinning over and over in her grave in fits of rage and jealousy.

Is there a special  U.N. award for this?
I really don’t know.
But perhaps Meghan, knowing that the real Queen, William, Kate and the rest of the Royal Household (plus countless millions around the world) would be doing cart-wheels and breaking out the champagne (possibly even getting pissed) in celebration right now, is surely reward enough in itself. The question remains whether poor Harry is secretly thinking likewise.

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Mental Health Week

If You Watch One Thing Today, Make It Greta Thunberg's ...

An invite from my local film group to view “I am Greta” when it opens in Sydney this week reminds me of just how serious the problem of mental health has become in this country.  I suppose the film’s release date (during Mental Health Week) has been seen as an opportunity to prove that the disease is even more widespread than we thought. If a large number of people go out of their way to pay money to watch this very sad, very ugly little girl tell her life story, this would be enough damning evidence of just how mentally sick our society has become.

However, the admirable Jeff Kennett (of Beyond Blue) tells me that this is not the case. Instead he assures me that Greta Thunberg fans are not necessarily mentally-disturbed at all. They’re just incredibly stupid people, he says.

As a life-long member, it’s unlikely that my film group would take too kindly to this excuse for me not showing up. But going along anyway carries with it the very likely risk that I might lose control of myself and giggle and laugh derisively out loud all the way through it. The last time that happened (during Rudd’s phony ‘Indigenous Apology Speech’), there was hell to pay.



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Desperate Times

Shocking news that Freydenberg’s budget has done absolutely nothing whatsoever for Australian women. Particularly harrowing (writes The Guardian’s Emma Dawson) is the plight of poverty-stricken women in the ABC and SBS who have to continue to survive on subsistence-level wages of $500,000 per year, or even more. Jane Caro says the situation is ‘heart-breaking’ and that Freydenberg is, of course, a ‘heartless, misogynist fascist‘ who wouldn’t recognise a ‘hungry, half-crazed, dyke columnist desperate for attention‘ if he saw one.

My conscience pricked, I’ve immediately set up a crowd-funding operation to roll out thousands of soup-kitchens to shovel Campbell’s Chicken Broth down the throats of these poor, half-starving, lefty bastards nation-wide. I’m also proud to launch my Victorian, Venezuela-styled “Cash-for-Commies” campaign in Victoria. Hundreds of ‘volunteers’ from Daniel’s seriously-depleted hordes of senior citizens (yes, the ones who haven’t been killed off yet) will pass the hat around in the queues outside DHSS offices every morning and see if they can come up with enough to upgrade the soup to ‘Premium’. (Unlikely).

Meantime, for the many malnourished ABC and SBS female journos, desperate times call for desperate measures. Accordingly, I’ve taken out a full-page spread in The Guardian pointing out they have no option but to follow Karl Marx’s famous Das Kapital dictum, (Chapter 23,000, ‘The Good Commies’ Guide to Moonlighting Your Way Through Capitalism.’) And that is, out of office hours, revert to what most lefty journos were probably doing, and why they were probably hired in the first place, which is to go on the game.* (Again.)

Marx argued that there was no moral difference between prostituting the female body and prostituting the news, which is, as we know, what famously inspired Ted Turner to launch CNN. And by aligning it with the “Wall-Street Hooker” (Hillary Clinton) and later, “Hookers For Hillary,” the canny Turner injects CNN’s current affairs programs – and, by extension, their Aussie counterparts, The Drum and Q&A – with a healthy dose of entertainment value.  Otherwise, they’d all be rightly dismissed as just utter garbage.


* I’m not sure whether this applies to Julia Baird, Ellen Fanning or even Jane Caro, but these are the only names I know.

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Archibald Prize

AFL news 2020: Sam Newman swipes Adam Goodes, Archibald ...
Stand Strong for Who You Are – A Dickhead

To the NSW Art Gallery where I see they’ve once again chosen a notable piece of trash as the winner of the Archibald Prize. This time it’s the composite work by Vincent Namatjira, which depicts typical scenes from the daily life of that notorious prima-donna, Adam Goodes.

Particularly vivid is a scene where Goodes singles out the teenage football fan, who was promptly snatched from the crowd by BLM goons and hustled away to a secret holding-cell somewhere where she was subsequently interrogated and tortured by Dan Andrews’ fascist regime.

The main scene, however, where Goodes menacingly threatens to spear white Aussie football fans, is ambiguous. Is he doing this because whities refuse to take the knee in his presence? Is it because they refuse to waste their money watching his ridiculous film, ‘The Final Quarter’?

Or is it just because he’s a dickhead? It’s not entirely clear.
Though cleverly implied in the title, ‘Stand Strong for Who You Are – A Dickhead,’ to remove any ambiguity in the painting itself Namatjira really needed to plaster words to that effect all over the place. Otherwise (except to the virtue-signalling Archibald committee) the painting is completely worthless.

In the visitor’s comments book on the way out, alongside such luvvie comments as “wonderful,” “heart-warming” and “inspirational,” noting the complete absence of sick-bags accompanying the exhibit is the best I can do.

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Victoria with Chinese-Commie Characteristics

Daniel Andrews
‘Beijing-Bedfellow…?’  (Yes.)

Another terrible night’s sleep, worrying about the plight of innocent Victorians suffering under the jackboot of this crazed megalomaniac. Right before our very eyes, Andrews’ quest to turn Victoria into Beijing’s vassal-state while killing off half the over-aged population continues according to plan. That praise and standing ovations from Xi and the CCP erupt at mere mention of his name in China is proof that he’s on the right course. In this Year of the Rat, they have in Andrews their greatest paradigm.

But the question as to why polls show fulsome majority support for Andrews in his drive to transform the state into ‘Victoria with Chinese-Commie Characteristics’ continues to baffle.

Harrowing scenes of pregnant women and little old ladies being arrested, cuffed and thrown into unmarked police vans in front of their children for not (it is alleged*) displaying Chairman Dan’s portraits in their windows continue to outrage and dismay the rest of us. (That is, dinky-di, non-commie-type Aussies.)

Rumours** that protesters are taken to special holding cells in secret locations where they are water-boarded, have their finger-nails ripped out and have Magda Szubanski take a running jump and sit on them unless they confess their crimes have yet to be substantiated. But Jon Faine, ex-radio host and long-time Andrews’ suck-hole, now his chief propagandist,* refuses to confirm or deny the rumours, saying only that “they fuckin’ deserve it, even if the rumours are true, but I’m not saying they are – RIGHT???”

Watching, yesterday on TV, Victoria’s ridiculous Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton’s vomit-inducing apology to Afghans, in Afghani, for (apparently) calling them Afghans adds more absurdity to the absurdity. Clearly (paraphrasing Alice) Victoria’s becoming absurder and absurder.

*For the purposes of this article.

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Middle East Breakthrough

Winning again.

Fox news reporter to Trump supporter at a rally: “Why are you going to vote for Trump and not Biden?”
“Because he’s real.
Another: “Because he’s conscious.”
Which I thought were both compelling arguments.
“Because he’s also Nobel Prize-winning material” would also have been equally valid.

The UAE and Bahrain’s recognition of Israel provide more proof of Trump’s brilliance and determination to get things done. With this excellent news, however, am I also right to conclude (reading between the lines) that, if they were free to do so, a great majority of Arabs would choose greater prosperity over having to continuously bang their heads on the floor five times a day? My guess is, yes. It goes without saying.

And that sticking it to the Palestinians terrorists and their Western-elite supporters, who are wailing and gnashing their teeth again in fury, is itself a very good thing? Once again, yes, of course it is.

Malawi and Serbia have announced they will be moving their embassies to Jerusalem too. Why won’t Scott Morrison do the same with our embassy?  Answer: above all, keeping Indonesia on side while we push back against China.

Joko might not personally give a toss what Australia does, but his powerful deputy is an entirely different matter. Ma’ruf Amin, an Islamist (and therefore a particularly committed head-banging aficionado), would ensure that millions of others of his supporters took to the  streets to ensure Australia and Australians paid dearly.

But if the Saudis, as is rumoured, were next to follow suit, then that would be a real victory for Trump and Western civilisation. And a real set-back for the self-hating Western elites. A stunning outcome, not least for the likelihood of that anti-Semite and monumental idiot (who insists on going by the name of Nick McKim) spitting his dummy, collapsing to the floor and rolling about in rage – and probably frothing at the mouth even more than usual. Other more deep-rooted Israel-haters, like the Stalinist Lee Rhiannon, might take a more dignified approach in their despair, and blow their brains out in private somewhere. But it’s up to them, really.

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Comrade President

Kamala Harris, 2020 Hopefuls Make Push to Showbiz as ...Comrade Harris – US President In Waiting

Darkness has descended on America and we’re all going to go to hell in a handbasket. That is what it will seem like if these two Democrat bozos get elected in November, consigning Trump’s one term reign to the garbage dump, a mere speed-bump on the American left’s relentless road to power. The nomination of comrade Harris (from an assortment of other quasi-commie Loony-Tunes) as Joe “I-don’t-‘know-what-day-it-is” Biden’s VP is more than that: it’s an Anointment to presidential power.

Months ago, the hard-left had already declared the chosen one to be a paragon of virtue, the apotheosis of progressiveness: and that those who disagree are to be vilified as fascist, racist scum. The Democrats’ Marxist ‘We’ve Got Your Back’ task-force long ago forewarned the media that the slightest criticism of any ‘woman-of colour’ VP nomination will be immediately denounced as racist hate-speech, and there will be hell to pay.

From this point on, negative reportage of comrade Harris is a criminal act and the perpetrators will be relentlessly hunted down and dealt with by BLM and Antifa’s screaming mobs. Footage which depicts the chosen one in any unfavourable light – unflattering camera-angles, bad framing or audio which have comrade Harris sounding shrill, hysterical or unbalanced: RACIST! Likewise, anything which makes her sound or look kooky in any way (i.e., like a typical leftist) is to be entirely redacted. Failure to comply will have the severest consequences because BLM ‘has got your number’.

Does this sound like Stalinist Russia to you? It sure does to me.
But wait! There’s more!

And should you so much as dare to remind everyone of Harris’s hypocrisy and corruption during her stint as Californian prosecutor and Attorney General, that will be the end of your life as you know it. For WGYB  will call on BLM, the Bay area tech Titans and their Wall Street finance Moghul allies (who bankroll the Democrats) to set about systematically destroying you, your family and your livelihood.

So you should just shut-up about comrade Harris, if you know what’s good for you.

But you don’t need to shut up about a vote for Biden in November being a defacto vote for a Harris President, because it’s so self-evident. Let’s face it, sooner or later, Joe “gah-gah, I-still-don’t-know-what-fucking-day-it-is” Biden will have gone just far too gah-gah to continue on even in his role as a sock-puppet for the Marxist left. Harris, the anointed one, will then, as planned, step in and take over the Presidency. At this point, the US will start heading for hell in a handbasket. If it hasn’t already.


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Lebanese Survey Devastation after Massive Beirut Explosion ...

“Beirut is booming again.” – Reuters

When half of the capital city of your Muslim-majority shit-hole country is blown away with 2,500kg of ammonium nitrate, who else are Muslims gonna blame but Israel? After all, if  transforming the Christian-majority ‘Paris of the Middle East’ into a Muslim-majority corruption-ridden shit-hole by Islamists in the 1980s could be blamed on the Jews, why not this too? That Hezbollah – who control the port – through sheer incompetence accidentally blew the shit out of themselves must be catagorically denied. And, like everything else that goes wrong in their fucked-up Muslim-majority countries, the blame should be instead pinned squarely on the Jews.

This is the line the obscurantist Waleed Aly was trying to pitch to his vacuous-majority viewers on the Project the other night. Predictably, howls of outrage and accusations of anti-Semitism ensued, all levelled at the swarmy, silver-tongued little fraud, and rightly so.

But how many were reminded, after watching the segment, that after Covid-19 has long-gone, and likely long after China has us all kowtowing and singing the praises of Xi Jinping, that Aly and his mendacious mates in the Muslim Brotherhood will still be here amongst us? That Waleed Aly, along with his legion of leftist enablers will be still active in our society: lying, attacking and white-anting away at our core-beliefs until the medieval caliphate is finally ushered in and all our miserable heads, impaled on stakes, line the highways and byways of this great nation of ours?
Pass the shot-gun, Alice…

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Image result for hugh grantHugh Grant

14th December

FOLLOWING THURSDAY’S mammoth routing of the UK’s Corbynistas, it’s only fair that I send post-cards expressing my deepest schadenfreude to some of their super-luvvie sympathisers. Hugh Grant comes immediately to mind, as one of the most deserving. As do (on the home front) many of our own inner-city elites, particularly that great banana in a red bandana, also disappointed that Corbyn’s cabal of Islamist-loving, closet-Stalinist pinkoes got well and truly shafted.
But I digress.

Grant’s silly attempt to boost his acting career by being accidentally-on-purpose caught being blown by a hooker in an LA car-park is well known. And the pathetic failure of his publicity-seeking attempts to shag Liz Hurley (only to have Shane Warne step in and show him how to do it) didn’t do much for his career, either.

Throwing in his lot with Remainers and other crypto-commies was the latest attempt to shine. So Thursday’s election result, which saw all three of the candidates Grant campaigned for defeated, must have been utterly devastating for him …
So, let’s all have a good laugh, shall we?

But when will poor Hugh finally come to his senses? When will he realise that his repeated attempts to convince people, despite all evidence to the contrary, that he not just a silly idiot, are doomed to failure?

And, what about his vacuous tweet after the election that Germany’s AfD’s message of congratulations to Boris Johnson “is not a good thing”? Did that not also confirm just how out-of-touch with the electorate and just how dangerously misguided Grant really is?
I think it does.

Give up, Hugh.

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Blubbering for Country

Image result for jacqui lambie
Jacqui Lambie

5th December

More great news, this time from the Senate.
Yesterday, while voting to choose national security over the rights of a few hundred foreign criminals pretending to be sick, Jacqui Lambie was able to publicly blubber so convincingly, that she out-blubbered even Sarah Hanson-Young. That she did so for such a great cause, with the additional benefit of leaving Richard Death-Natale absolutely spitting, earns her the admiration and respect of a grateful nation.

Repealing the Medivac Bill must now turn the spotlight on the most complicit in this monstrous attempt at political fraud. Step forward notorious quack and renowned lesbian, Dr Kerryn Phelps. This seriously misguided imbecile, who was subsequently kicked out of office as a result of her gross stupidity, is probably now alone somewhere, quietly blubbering to herself, wondering where it all went wrong.

As I usually do under such circumstances, I’ve sent the good ‘doctor’ the usual bunch of roses, the usual commiserations and the usual Philip Nitschke calling card out of sympathy for her plight. It’s all I can do.

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