Mad-Cow Disease

Elaine Benes

Despite what was reported in The Australian, Theresa May’s odd, freakish behaviour in Kenya was not an embarrassing attempt to endear herself by mimicking the local school children’s dance routines. Nor was it a concerted effort to surpass even Elaine Benes’ dance in its monumental stupidity (as later claimed by the Foreign Minister). It was, in fact, a clear case of Mad-Cow Disease.

It was Boris Johnson who first named it for what it was, and my chat later with the Kenyan High Commissioner here in Canberra only served to confirm it. Yes, said His Excellency, Boris is right, there was no question: May was clearly suffering from MCD – and a particularly virulent strain of it at that – and she should be put down as soon as possible. Failure to act immediately, he urged, was likely to result in another catastrophe of gigantic proportions, similar to what we witnessed with the very mad Merkel in Germany in 2015, and during Julia Gillard’s cruel reign of terror about a decade ago.

Digressing a little, His Excellency noted that the rampant outbreaks of African Swine Fever in Melbourne’s suburbs were totally unrelated to MCD, but taking similar action, shooting a few of the them anyway, could certainly help. But first, he said (misquoting Shakespeare): kill all their lawyers.

He then started to reminisce and ramble on a bit, recalling the good old days of the Mau-Mau uprising in the ‘50s, when they used to boil alive then eat some of the judiciary (as suggested by Queen Victoria a century earlier) to set an example if they didn’t hand out tough enough sentences. Castrating traitorous government officials and playing Twen’y-Twen’y cricket with their balls (also suggested by H.M.) was also very popular.

Unfortunately, I replied, such measures would be likely frowned upon by the highly-Commie electorate they seem to have down there in Victoria these days, though entirely welcome elsewhere. Besides, finding anyone in the Vic. government with their original goolies, let alone a Mr Johnson, would be just too difficult.


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Trump’s Deal Of The Century

President Trump

Sitting in a café off Burke Street, reading in The Oz about Trump’s proposal to remove the refugee status from 90% of the five and a half million Palestinian so-called ‘refugees’, just part of his Middle East ‘Deal of the Century’. Pondering the implications of it all, lo and behold, who should sit down at the table beside me, but Aussie author Randa Abdel-Fattah.

Abdel-Fattah is of course famous for such amusing books as ‘Does my Backside look Big In This Burqa?’, ‘No Sex In The City – At Least, Not For Us Muzzies!’ and ‘Ten Things Everyone Should Hate About Me’, has a First-Class Honours in Onanism* and holds fifty-seven PHDs in Islamophobia from the University of Melbourne.

Highly intelligent and allegedly well-educated, Abdel-Fattah is also of Egyptian-Palestinian extraction – perfect for a friendly, civilised discussion about Trump’s proposed move and its ramifications.

So I lean across, politely introduce myself with a smile, and affably ask her how Trump’s plan would affect ordinary people like me? For example, does she think that it would be reasonable for me, in my blog, to continue to denounce all Palestinians as nothing but a bunch of f**kin’ terrorists who the Israelis should bomb the f**k out of at regular intervals, and her answer, “You f***n’ #@!%^racist$@!*&%… etc.” (accompanied to the sound of smashing plates), prompts me instead to call up Fraser Anning – noted for his moderation in these matters – who says, yes, of course, it’s fine, perfectly reasonable to me. So there you have it.

Turning to the cryptic-crossword in the Oz back pages, and to the Nakba* clue. “Palestinian fairy-tale” doesn’t quite fit (though it should), but both “serves’emright” and “self-inflicted” do. Strange.

Then the latter (“self-inflicted”) tees up with the 8-down Master of the Universe clue (ans:“DonaldJTrump”), and all is good.


*Onanism – (Google) Prerequisite qual. for Islamophobia PHD at Melbourne Uni.
**Nakba – (Google) 1948 Muslim holocaust hoax

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Ta-Ta, Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull

The Leftist media’s first reaction was to express their utter disbelief, followed by shock-horror then the predictable mental break-dowm. How could this be? Malcolm Turnbull –  ‘Our man in Canberra’, our mole, our annointed one – has been given the flick and some fascist, News Limited-backed jerk who worships God and coal (in that order) has taken his place.

What next?
After the outrage, the wailing and gnashing of teeth, the hysteria and the standard temper-tantrums the Leftist media always throw when it doesn’t get what it demands, we can expect a long period of mourning accompanied by manic depression. At least I hope so. Whether it will finally all come to an end with them – virtue-signalling to the last – all throwing themselves off the nearest cliff in total despair is difficult to predict, so all I can do is recommend that it should at least be considered. (Notes to Michelle Guthrie, Lenore Taylor etc. have been sent accordingly).

Meantime, speculation to just how much of a lefty Turnbull was could be quickly gauged on the day of his ousting. Standing there before the microphones, in his cocky, patrician arrogance, apparently oblivious to the size-43 Conservative boot stuck up his arse, he fielded questions only from his adulating Lefty groupies, and them alone.

There was the steely, Stalinist-like Laura Tingle and then the not-unexpectedly drab Guardianista ‘murpharoo’ (Katherine Murphy’s Twitter handle). Murpharoo, Murpharoo and then Murpharoo again. But no questions allowed from right of centre.

If this wasn’t overt political favouritism, it could only be because a good bout of fellatio from some fawning, Lefty feminist interviewer was a likely outcome. At least, if his infamously gushing, eye-lid-flickering interview with Leigh Sales after ousting Abbott in 2015 was anything to go by. But given what was on offer on Friday, my guess is that politics was the governing factor. Or am I being too unkind to Tingle and Murphy here? (Probably)

Crucially, though, during his news conference, imagining (I gather) that it was just another narcissistic, self-admiration session in front of a mirror, Turnbull let slip the real nature of his tenure: ‘Progressive Liberalism’. If anyone had any doubt what was uppermost in Turnbull’s mind for the past 3 years (other than the abundant availability of admiring, positively gagging-for-it lefty journos like Sales), they need doubt no more.

Then followed the snivelling Shorten’s long, grovelling, rump-smoochin’ tribute to Turnbull. Really belling the cat, if it ever needed belling. Why else would this head Labor Party tosser publicly praise a fellow politico in such fawning, Lefty-feminist-like terms (hint, hint) if his political cause was not one and the same? The only other alternative explanation is just too disgusting to think about.

Ta-ta, Turnbull.


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Slow-Motion Train-Wreck

Lenore Taylor

Turnbull treasonous scorched-earth policy suggests that, contrary to what my blog supposed yesterday, the end might be not that nigh after all. What an absolute bummer. Shitville, even.

Having thrown one giant spanner in the works, in a shameless attempt to spike Dutton’s rise to PM – and virtually turning the party into one giant train-wreck in the process so as to ensure a Shorten victory – it’s difficult to add much more to what has already been said about Turnbull. Other than calling him a great big c**t (which I was saddened to see so many able people in the media fail in their duty to do), the English language has been pretty well exhausted on the matter.

Meantime, waiting to see if a spill actually occurs at midday today, the time has been spent in the most productive way possible: trolling the enemy. And it’s of course within the pages of Public Enemy No. 1 (The Guardian) where the most mileage is to be made.

The hysteria over the prospect of Dutton becoming PM dominates, with the article commentaries riddle by virtue-signalling SJW cry-babies having palpitations, grieving over boats being turned back,  self-immolating refugees and children stuck in Manus – and this man is ‘an absolute monster.’

And it’s kinda fun to sit back and laugh at them, occasionally adding replies like “Terrific, hey?” and “Isn’t it much better than having them, say, self-detonating in Pitt Street?”, or “But Peter Dutton’s brilliant, wouldn’t you agree you little wanker?”, or “It’s the likes of feather-brains like you who put them in there in the first place, feather-brain,” (which is a tautology, I know.)

By early morning I get tired of all of this and ring up editor Lenore Taylor again and scream, “Your writers are all total idiots and your rag’s a national disgrace – and when the f**k are you going to close down?” With the added clarification: “And, seeing I’m here, no, I’m not going to f***ing donate.”

But all I get is her voicemail saying “Unfortunately I am presently busy presiding over a total national disgrace of a rag, but if you are a total idiot writer wishing to contribute more total idiocy, we’re totally up to our necks in this kind of shit already. But seeing you’re here … (etc.) ”

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Is The End Totally Nigh?

Totally nigh?

Late last night the end for Turnbull seemed pretty nigh.
11.00am today: Cormann, Fifeld and Cash have resigned, so the end is even more nigh. But how nigh?

The Left’s attack dogs snap and snarl and strain at the leash.

Gestapu-Up! are on stand-by, ready to crucify a “inhumane” Dutton (potential) PM for halting the influx of even more of their Muslim mates through the back door.

In the Guardian, the useless Rudd attacks Dutton’s right to be PM for snubbing his phony, crocodile-tear-shedding farce to the alleged stolen generation in 2008. Andrew Marlton runs another stupid and totally unfunny First Dog On The Moon cartoon. And Lenore Taylor, Guardian editor, questions the relevance of the Libs now with a shrinking voter base. But who really gives a toss about what the editor of that sinking Leftist ship questions?

The neurotic Niki Savva in The Australian (of all places) continues her life-long psychotic obsession with Abbott, blaming him, out of revenge, for white-anting and waging a relentless, vindictive vendetta against Turnbull for knifing him in the back. Unfortunately Savva just can’t get it through her stupid lefty head that it was, under the circumstances, a perfectly decent, indeed glorious thing to do.

Meantime, the sun is shining,  the birds are singing and the angels in heaven are warming applauding,  smiling down on us, one and all. The possibility of a new, bright dawn awaits.

But for my part, only when the revelry starts, the church-bells start pealing and crowds rush to Canberra to watch as the treacherous old lefty leader’s severed head is brought out on a platter. Only then we will know that the end for Turnbull is totally nigh.


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Mehreen, Green and Loopy Faruqi

Mahreen Faruqi

Mehreen Faruqi taking sensible advice has form.
In 1999 Graham Richardson refused Turnbull’s grovelling pleas to join Labor, telling him to go  f**k up the Libs instead, which he promptly did. And Yassmin Abdel-Mad-Muzzie -Magied took advice from Hizb-ut-Tahrir about how to proceed with her future career, and we all know how that turned out.

So I was delighted to recently learn that Mehreen Faruqi has heeded my own carefully-argued (pro-bono) advice, and not applied for a Libs Senate seat after all.  Instead, she decided to opt for the Greens seat vacated by that boot-faced Stalinist, Lee Rhiannon, agreeing with me that it is an entirely more appropriate choice for yet another hysterical Muslim.

In response to a request for career-counselling earlier this year, I outlined to her in a thousand-page document the many reasons (see Robert Spencer) as to just why she was entirely ill-suited for a ‘sanity-ticket‘ with the Liberals. As a young, irritable and atypically drab-looking Muslim feminist desperately seeking credibility and relevance (against all the odds, I had contended), the Greens would be a far better move.
And I was right.

In her maiden speech (reported yesterday in The Guardian), Faruqi really went bezerk. Wildly blathering gibberish about diseases and denouncing the call to vaccinate Australia against cockroaches (as suggested by the many texts from her adoring public) while simultaneously implying she wasn’t playing the Muslim victim card – decidedly wacky stuff, one would think.
But then again, perhaps not.

And then she lost it all together.
Spurning the sound advice of others, Faruqi attacked the ‘normalisation of racism in the media and politics’, insisted she would ‘not remain silent’, that she (for some reason) actually ‘had the right to exist‘, and deplored that her presence in the Senate was ‘an affront’ to only ‘some’ Australians. The sort of loopy things we would expect from the Greens, yes?

Then loopy-Faruqi demonstrated how also entirely unreasonable she is. She declared her express intent to ignore the millions of totally understandable requests from her Facebook fans for her to just “eff-off back to where* she came from.

Not just loopy, but recalcitrant as well. For the Greens, a perfect fit.


*Presumably, some Muslim sh*t-hole somewhere. They’re rarely precise about it.

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Sky News Ban

Jacinta Allan

It’s hard to know what to make of the Victorian government sometimes. On any given day its actions resemble those of either a quasi-Stalinist state, a criminal enterprise, a sexual-deviant’s paradise or a lunatic asylum. Some days, like the seasons, all four of them.

Occasionally, they seem to act on a whim, which might well have been the case with Jacinta Allan’s Sky News ban at Melbourne train stations and her subsequent lame attempts to justify it to some Sky chick with triple the I.Q. (Laura Jayes).

Did Allan, on a whim, suddenly see this as an ideal opportunity to draw national attention to herself? Had she long realised (having proved completely useless in so many respects) that there were too few options open for a boot-faced Labor apparatchik like her to be noticed, and that she should seize this one opportunity while she could?

For instance, trying to sex herself up would have failed miserably. For example, though it might have got a lot of mileage for a hot chick like Emma Husar, performing lewd Basic Instinct moves for the benefit of Parliament was never going to work for Allan, given that she is so remarkably ugly in the first place.

Nor would she gain much sex-appeal traction from wantonly shagging everyone in Parliament (while deploying the old ‘all men are rapists’ ploy to deflect attention) because this has already been fully tried and tested by The Greens. (Shagalot’s patent still pending, according to Hansard). Besides, it would only make Allan end up in court having to pretend that she is not a common slut after all.

No, according to my learned, classically-educated lawyer: all this (above) is utta crappa*. Banning Sky News was not done on a whim by an ugly, attention-seeking, hair-brained idiot with no evident sex-appeal. It was, in fact, the deliberate cynical act of a hapless, quasi-Stalinist government, desperate to shut down the free-press in the lead up to the November elections.
And it cannot have been otherwise.


*Latin for ‘complete rubbish’

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You Can Shove Your Globalist Migrant Compact

Peter ‘Stuff ’em’ Dutton

Breaking news yesterday that Australia will be withdrawing from the UN’s appalling Global Migrant Compact after all is cause for major celebration.

For a moment there, many of us had the sneaking suspicion that our government was about to give into the cultural Marxists demands and hand Australia’s sovereignty over to them on a plate, but it looks like we needn’t have worried. In the face of enormous globalist pressure, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton is not having a bar of it. That is, despite being diplomatically involved in the drafting of the Compact from the very beginning, politely trying to get them to see reason, Australia has now politely and diplomatically told the UN to go get stuffed.

The US and Hungary were the first to do so over this proposed act of sovereign treachery some time back. In short, the Compact marxist idiocy mandates that Australia should make no distinction between illegal and legal refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and economic migrants, and that we should not use incarceration (in Manus, etc) as a deterrent.

If that isn’t bad enough, Australia would have to be cleansed of any negative perceptions about migrants (including, presumably, Muslims who bludge off our dole while secretly plotting to kill us) through a UN-guided program of mass-media brainwashing of the entire Australian populace. And, to make it all work effectively,  recalcitrant judiciary, journalists and politicians who disagree with the globalist diktat would have to be despatched to UN-designated overseas camps for re-education.

Australia’s negotiators continued to hang around long enough to confirm what Hungry and the US had already discovered – ‘that all this shit is for real’ – before Dutton finally pulled the plug yesterday.

Following fast on the heels of this excellent news, no doubt, we can look forward to the entertaining spectacle of yet another Greens melt-down: Nick McKim lapsing into a frenzied froth again, calling everyone associated with it ‘disgusting’, and SHY – or Shagalot (court-decision still pending) – sobbing and blubbering and blathering incoherently a lot, and Adam Bandt wetting and positively getting his pink knickers in a knot again.

The Left in general will cry ‘national disgrace’ and ‘racist’ and rant about the obscenity of Australia being associated with Trump and Orban, and, oh, the humiliation of it all.  All this, of course, once again confirming Dutton’s excellent PM credentials.

And, surely, the rejection of this globalist, open-borders Compact (which Labor cannot possibly support with any credibility) will be a perfect vote winner at the next election? Shorten must really be squirming.

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Migrant Maths Awards

Caucher Birkar

Screaming headlines on The Guardian’s UK edition today: “Former refugee among winners” of prestigious maths prize.

After years of pushing for the transformation of Europe into an Afro-Middle-Eastern shit-hole, The Guardian’s got a success story they can point to: a Kurd refugee who apparently really knows his times-tables. Until now, the Left has lied and dissembled about refugees, pointing to the likes of Freddie Mercury – of all people –  to justify completely stuffing up our once great civilisation. That Freddie Mercury (famous for being the lead Queen queer) was not a refugee, but emigrated to the UK from Zanzibar over 50 years ago, is overlooked.

Now the Left have finally got a more credible refugee to gush, virtue-signal and fawn over. It is Caucher Birkat from Cambridge University who is one of the four winners of the Fields Prize (roughly equivalent to a Nobel Prize) announced today.

But note and savour the utter hypocrisy with which The Guardian can, on the one hand, praise one single ‘refugee’ for exceptional achievements in maths, but on the other, ruthlessly censor mention of the exceptional achievements of the countless numbers of other ‘refugees’. Exceptional achievements, such as defrauding and sucking the life out of social-security, molesting women, raping children, defecating in swimming pools and killing a lot of people in one fell swoop.

However, before anyone for one moment thinks this as a watershed moment, where Westerners will suddenly be won over by millions of refugees and migrants barely literate in their own language because one of them just happens to know how to add up, they should think again.

Birkat is exceptional, and his true circumstances nail the lie in today’s Guardian: the smug, implied assertion that their efforts in aiding and abetting the destruction of The West have been fully vindicated with Birkat’s prize.

Firstly, Birkat, an Iranian Kurd, migrated to the UK from Tehran in 2000. That was 15 years before that mad-as-bat-shit Merkel announced (to you know who), “After 1400 years of ruining the Middle East, why don’t you come on over and ruin Europe too?”

Secondly, there is the question of merit.
Given their famous victories against ISIS and their long struggles against Ankara and Tehran, Kurds are clearly good people to have on Western Civilisation’s side, and should always be given every consideration. That is of course, as opposed to the you know whos from neighbouring shit-holes, who we all know (in our heart of hearts) should always be shot or told to immediately fuck off back to where they came from.

So Birkat was vetted and found in advance to likely  be good migrant material. And they were right. These days, scratch the surface of one of The Guardian’s favourite, and unvetted, contenders for migration and out will pop a multi-tasker. That is, a jihadist, mysoginist, child-rapist, liar, dole bludger – all-in-one.

The Guardian notes, too, that Aussie Akshay Venkatesh was also among the Fields prize-winners. Apparently of Indian Hindu descent and growing up in Perth, Akshay is to be also fully congratulated. Not just in a patriotic, Aussie kind of way, or  in a suck-holing, Guardian, slavish kind of luvvie way, but also in a way (imho) which directy recognises his own ancestors’ scientific achievements. Advancements in their civilisation despite having an adversary (you know what) embedded in their midst since independence from the British in 1947. A sizeable quantity of you know whos, not quite so easy to be rid of, as the final clause of my paragraph (the second above) would suggest.

In the end, we have every reason to join The Guardian in congratulating both Venkatesh and Birkat for their achievements, albeit not with the same teary-eyed, luvvie unctuousness.

Additionally, we should give The Guardian credit for its tenacity in holding out for impossible dreams. In particular, to the dream of a you know who refugee Nobel prize-winner that they can kiss-arse and crow about for a long time, before that whining, whingeing wank of a rag of theirs goes the way of those other leftist carbuncles on the rump of Western civilisation (The Age and the SMH). And that is, down the tube.

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