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Clive’s Weiner

It’s rare that I’d ever recommend anyone following the regular American habit of exposing their genitals to draw attention to themselves but, with Clive Palmer, it might just work. In secret talks with the billionaire mining magnate, I explore the … Continue reading

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Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Off with the PM and his wife on the weekend for another bout of electioneering and photo-ops. This time, Afghanistan. And why not? Shopping centre excursions and shaking hands with the locals are out this trip, Kevvie advises Therese, who … Continue reading

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Too Lovely for Words?

Naturally, you would think Greens South Australian Sarah Hanson-Young is much too lovely and much too voluptuous to be either Gay or a femme fatale working for the Saudis, and therefore should warrant little further scrutiny. However, Mother Theresa’s cautionary … Continue reading

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Spilling the Beans

Of course I have always known about Australian journalist Wilfred Burchett being on the KGB payroll since 1957, and his outing by Robert Manne in The Monthly magazine this week is old news. ASIO’s secret briefings to me about such … Continue reading

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Talent Scouting

Keeping my secret back-channels open with the Coalition key players often involves scouting for new talent. Malcolm Turnbull calls me to do a background check on Russell Crowe, after the latter tweeted him yesterday urging him to make a bid … Continue reading

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NOT Mohammad

Major concerns in the UK that the naming of the new heir to the throne as ‘George’ has resulted in less widespread rioting in the streets than was widely-anticipated. With only 50 cars out of the usual 5,000 cars torched … Continue reading

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Carla For Canberra?

In a fairly contemplative mood this morning, my mind turns from the everyday horrors of the Rudd Government to that of the beautiful Carla Bruni, former French First Lady and wife of Nicolas Sarkozy. I imagine her gently strumming her … Continue reading

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Gay-Marriage – A Solution

A moment of madness with our mad Emperor-in-waiting this morning. The PNG Manus Island refugee solution is starting to show major fractures, and on TV Rudd looks as though he’s likely to fall apart at the seams very soon. Wildly … Continue reading

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Islamism Is For Aussies – Funding Threat

Tumultuous changes in the Labor government demand the occasional sacrifice of principals. With the usual speaker still down with some mysterious disease caught at the EID festival last year, I am dragooned into delivering a speech to the ‘Is Islam … Continue reading

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Magic Cream

News in the Guardian of the birth of a son to William and Kate distracts me from my duties. But only for a moment: for on the very same page David Marr, arch anti-Catholic paedophile hunter and staunch refugee advocate, … Continue reading

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