Waleed, Simon and Craig

Monday morning again. Rainy and miserable outside. What to do?
A kind reader emails me recommending I contact Waleed Aly to get an opinion on the Egyptian political crisis, but I tell him that I had already thought of that. Waleed is just far too busy with local issues to be in the position to make educated pronouncements on the drama unfolding so distant from our shores. What, with  his multiple hostings of trite radio and TV shows, Big Ideas etc, book writings, lecturing at Monash and, it has been said, helping the Global Terrorism Research Centre to finger terrorists. So how could he possibly be in a position to know anything more than the rest of his ignoramous mates in the trashy, pseudo-intellectual TV and Radio circles that he frequently habituates ? (No, that last sentence was unkind, I agree.)

Another departure from the Labor Party today, I hear. Not someone like the dreadful Sonya Plebishit this time, but poor old Simon Crean. One can jump up and down with glee for hours at a time as Emerson, Swan, Garrett, Combet, Conroy and Ludwig finally recognise their utter uselessness and leave, but not when its faithful, loyal, dear old Simon. Sigh. But, come to think of it,  after being set up as a patsy at Kevin’s dress-rehearsal for the leadership bid last year, what could he expect? Sorry, Simon: you’re just not ruthless and dishonest enough for today’s Labor Party. Best take a leaf out of someone else’s book and get a new hobby, such as knitting. Bye, bye Simon.

So many people leaving –  where to get new talent to replace them?
One ex-member comes to mind, one who might be willing to rejoin and help out again once he overcomes the small matter of 173 legal obstacles (at least) that stand in his road, though he may still be viewed with disgust from certain quarters. Nevertheless, I resolve to give him a call again once the matter has been decided (gaol or no gaol) and see whether the enthusiasm is still there. With the ever-present spectre of a Tony Abbott government menacing our streets I’ve been advised that all options should be on the table.

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