Progressive Etymology

With the runaway success of the Rudd Restoration under my belt, now is not the time to be picky about the appointment of so many progressive women to his cabinet. Nor should I necessarily single out any one of them, let alone the lot of them, as being disposed towards displaying bursts of emotional hysteria, pompous grandstanding and gross stupidity on numerous occasions.

For that reason, I’ve decided instead to Google the etymology of Sonya Plebishit, to see from where the name derives.
You would think that the first part, the prefix “Plebi-”, would be an abbreviation of Plebian as in “common” or ‘vulgar” (i.e.,  “a Pleb”). But no, Plebi- is the Old Church Slavonic prefix for someone who makes a lot of noise. And the meaning is the same in both the male and female usage.  With the male suffix usage of – shit, in the Old Slavonic derivation, it in fact doesn’t mean “sh*t” (as in “Isn’t she a worthless old “sh*t?”). Rather surprisingly, it means “lovely person”, as in “he’s such a lovely person.”  But in the female usage, I was rather taken aback to discover that the suffix  means “worthless old tosser” as in  “she’s a worthless old tosser.” Joining the suffix “Plebi-“ and prefix “-shit” both together, the overall Old Slavonic meaning changes slightly to mean “a hysterical female of some kind.”
But, not surprisingly, when you use the Christian name “Sonya” together with the full surname,  the Old Slavic meaning changes once again, translating to “Shut up, Brendan, and listen to me because I’m a loud and very pompous old windbag.”

A quick look at some of the recent ABC Q&A episodes online featuring Brendan O’Neil confirms how astoundingly appropriate is the name in question.

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