Jakarta Junket Jaunt

Looking at the papers today I can’t quite make up my mind if Kevin’s bold takeover yesterday of the NSW Right is a good thing or a bad thing for my wallet, so I think I’ll hold off for a little while before starting to panic.
Meantime, I’m looking forward to joining this week’s exciting diplomatic entourage heading to Jakarta for talks with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY). In my role as head of the Anti-Corruption Watchdog Committee investigation into whether or not political graft in Indonesia is much, much, much worse there than that found inside the NSW Right (operation codenamed “‘Yes,’ is the answer we want“) we get to spend an entire week in urgent consideration of the matter at the Balinese resort, which in the local dialect is quaintly called “Liviudup Ntyrly Atow Espens.” In demonstrating his country’s commitment to the success of the Australian anti-corruption mission, SBY has graciously appointed to each of the committee two of his own hand-picked (by us) Balinese dancers to closely advise and coach us on the mysteries of Indonesian culture, day and night if necessary. Should the mission not achieve a satisfactory outcome – the answer ‘Yes’ – the President’s promised to extend it to as many weeks as needed to get the job done (or until my wife Susan cottons on) and it should be fully appreciated that in such circumstances my blogging to be far less prolific as a consequence.

Rapturous applause at the unfolding events in Egypt comes from many quarters. The sounds of much more crazed and demented cheering however is heard coming from the PCS* and BDS** activists and their idiotic Green allies for altogether different reasons. Jake Lynch and the rest of his unbalanced associates have been handed on a plate a golden opportunity to invent yet another conspiracy. But this one, the US/Zionist plot behind the overthrow of their much-revered Muslim Brotherhood, should be pretty easy to cobble together because it’s probably true.
I can’t help choking in glee on my high-carbon footprint soup at the very thought of it. Not wishing to slip a disc, my usual temptation on such occasions to throw off my clothes and break into an exotic dance in celebration is deferred until later next week in Bali when one of SBY’s experts will be able to gracefully demonstrate to me how it’s done in complete safety.

*Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies   **Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign (targets Israel)

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