Miss World 1998

Messages of concern about this morning’s impromptu visit from ASIO continue to pour in. One in particular from a certain Grand Mufti of *** who, in the interests of balance, wants me to report on my blog that he once saw an archbishop making inappropriate suggestions to a camel once at the Miss World conference back in 1998. I can strongly attest to that for I was at the very same contest and witnessed the whole thing.  However the camel in question was not a camel,  as it happened, but the archbishop’s wife – though I can see how the Mufti  could have been easily mistaken. I too made precisely the same mistake when I was first introduced to her before the show.

But I don’t recall seeing the Grand Mufti there at the same Miss World conference, unless that was him disguised as Miss East Timor, who only had observer status in 1998, and was acting very suspiciously her/himself. My guess is that it could well have been Alexander Downer, who was our foreign minister at the time, and predisposed to that sort of thing, though it’s hard to be certain in these matters. Given the eventual winner was an Israeli, the stunning Linor Abargil, I doubt whether the mufti could live with himself if he dressed up as a Zionist, female or not.. Perhaps he was one of the judges?

(*** Who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons)

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