Mistaken Identity

Another early knock on the door this morning, this time a discreet visit from ASIO.  The young agent came to correct me, saying that they have looked through their entire records and have no evidence of Ed ever having been caught in inflagrante delicto with any camels and to please remove the item from my blog. When I point out to him that I didn’t identify Ed as a camel f****r in my blog, but rather a deep-penetration Al-Qaeda agent, he gave me a very confused look. I suggest to him that it might have been the guy next door, an anthropologist friend of mine who knows about these things. (Besides, he owes me money).
Extremely flustered, the agent quickly ruffled through  a binder containing hundreds of people’s names and addresses, all headed (I noted, looking over his shoulder),  “Eddy is a Camel F****r – False Internet Claims, Suburb: Barton ACT.” Once he confirmed his mistake, he quickly mumbled his apologies and left.

Even though I may be have been annoyed to hear that all our internet communications are now being tapped the visit was nevertheless reassuring. Making myself a cup of coffee  I could now comfortably relax again knowing that –  except for a few hiccups now and then – our society is still in such safe hands.

About Austeralix

It's just satire, really.
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