Julian Assange – Martyr?

Wonderful to read Jon Pilger back in the Guardian complaining again. This time about Bolivian President Evo Morale’s plane being forced down last week, suspecting it was hiding the despicable traitor Edward Snowden. I guess he’s peeved because his other great friend and equally despicable traitor Julian Assange, holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, despite Pilger’s constant urgings still won’t make himself a martyr and die on a hunger strike. I suspect Pilger’s run out of patience and decided to turn his attention to other things.

Last month I also telephoned and urged Julian to do the honourable thing and martyr himself rather than be handed over to the Americans for water-boarding and sent him a jar of cyanide cleverly disguised as Vegemite for the purpose. I also offered to pay for his funeral, but so far I’ve heard nothing back from him. I suppose he’s still thinking it over.

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