Spin Baby, Spin!

Everything seems to be going to plan.
In the great, desperate crusade to get re-elected, like a duck taking to water, the Rudd government  implements my key post-coup recommendation with great enthusiasm: the complete white-washing of all of Labor’s failed policies. In the great mother of all wars being waged against the evil Abbott, crocodile tears, I advised, and bowing and scraping to all segments of society, are the name of the game. Thus we have Kevvie’s  shamelessly self-serving mea culpa apology today for his Pink Batts fiasco. At the same time,  scaling the great heights of hypocrisy once again, proposed changes to the Asylum Seeker policy are announced.
Spin, spin, spin! Rudd is masterful and in his element. Mock-tears, lies, hypocrisy and the breathtaking pretense that Rudd Mark 2 is any different from Rudd Mark 1 are necessary fabrications in the great Labor campaign to blow Abbott clean out of the water. And I earnestly counselled him that the need to continue to flaunt these qualities at every opportunity when dealing with his reluctant supporters on the progressive left is vital,  if he hopes to keep them on board. It’s called “mirroring.”

Let’s face it: Rudd is the perfect con-man for the job. This, together with his pre-coup U-Turn on gay-marriage. What a guy! His mother must be spinning in her grave.

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It's just satire, really.
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