Further to the issue of unexplained converts to Islam another possible reason comes from a young woman in Yorkshire courtesy of a Channel 4 documentary. She confesses that, unlike all of her best friends, she wasn’t at all a noisy party girl and converting to Islam allowed her to lead a quieter lifestyle without feeling she had to dress up all the time.

In the corridor today I bump into Penny Wong, the acclaimed leader of the Government in the Senate and I ask her if she is still enthusiastic about her recent appointment as the new  Commonwealth Lesbian Minister for the Demolition of The Marriage Act.  She confesses to me what is already common knowledge around town about her role in getting Rudd to do a U-Turn on same-sex marriage, and that Kevvie agreeing to giving her this new position was part of the package, or else she’d have resigned and quickly bailed to the Greens. When I say that she would completely destroy her reputation as a squeaky-clean and an extremely-smart cookie if she decided to join the crack-pots on the lunar Left she answers she couldn’t possibly look Right for a cabinet post with Tony Abbott for obvious reasons. “‘Obvious reasons’, those being,” I ask  “for being a Lesbian?” “No,” she says rather mysteriously, casting her eyes around “for the risk of sitting close to Tony Abbott more often than is necessary.”

Then I get it. With Abbott’s well-known, highly-indecent habit of wearing budgie-smugglers during late-night tête-à-têtes with members of his inner cabinet, she worries that one night she might find herself in the position of being sorely tempted into switching teams.

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