What’s in a Word? Today: Islamophobia (Part 2)

As everyone of course knows, the term Islamophobia was invented by (the now late) Mr Osama Bin Laden to refer to people who didn’t agree with his idea of rearranging the New York skyline. The term Islamophobia has long since been accepted into the English lexicon and is commonly used by Australian Muslim intellectuals such as Randa Abdel-Fattah or Keysar Trad – and a great many others – when overwhelming evidence and verifiable facts are presented to completely refute the silly nonsense they utter.

The brilliant concept of journalistic dualism (Muslim, good news, Islamophobia, bad) has rapidly evolved and has been enthusiastically adopted by the multicultural industry in the interests of maintaining their credibility, and with it their funding. In the old days people who used to say “The Emperor has no clothes,” when they could see with their very own eyes that he wasn’t wearing any, were told to shut up. Now, when sane and rational people say, for example, that Islam is a hate-filled violent religion, people in the multicultural lobby only have to hold up a sign with the word “Islamophobia” on it and everyone knows it means the same thing: shut up.

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