Stopping the Boats: Part 1

My outing of Eddy Husic as a possible deep-cover Al-Qaeda agent (July 3) passes virtually without notice from the media. The Coalition rightly pronounces it to have been entirely expected, a foregone conclusion, but there have been rumblings of unease from within the Labor ranks and some need more convincing.

Poor, Gillard apologist, Trent Brookes*, texts me to express his deep misgivings about the entire matter and wants to meet to discuss it further. When I message him back to say how much it deeply saddens me that his new abject status – as a consequence of his previous Gillard loyalty -unfortunately compels me to henceforth completely ignore his existence on this entire earth, he messages back to say that he is disappointed but remains chipper.

After I ring up Telstra to block and report his communications as SPAM, and then ring the police to suggest his name be added to a paedophile register, I start to feel a little more charitable towards the old Gillard foe.
In Trent’s newly appointed capacity as Minister for Stopping the (Refugee) Boats, rejection and humiliation will become a regular part of his daily life. Trent will see that it is therefore in his best interests that ministers from Rudd’s inner sanctum (such as moi) continue to treat him with utter contempt in this manner: as an ongoing training service to support him on the difficult road that lies ahead, and nothing more than that. (Chin up, Trent!)

In a playful but inquisitive mood, I decide to ring Foreign Minister Bob Carr to arrange a chat about ‘our Eddy’ and what his thoughts are on the latest Edward Snowden** revelations. Being a great enthusiast for all things American, Captain Bob should have plenty of mates in the CIA who can shed a light or two on the subject.


* Note that the name Trent Brookes is not a weak, thinly-disguised pseudonym for Australia’s actual Minister for Immigration and ex-Gillard supporter, Tony Burke.
**A coincidence of first names: Eddy Husic is completely unrelated to Edward Snowden, as far as I am aware. (But they may be in the same business.)


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