What’s In a Word? Today: Islamophobia (Part 5)

Now that Ed Snowden has revealed to the world that NSA is illegally intercepting our email, I’m keen to know from Bob Carr how his American contacts believe the Islamists are likely to react. Is it possible they will be obliged to react to this latest act of Islamophobia by reverting to the proto-Islamist nods, twitches and winks that the wily Arabs used to escape detection from their infidel enemies in the deserts of Arabia in the 7th Century?

An essay from a famous Australian scholar provides a bit of background.
In his learned thesis ‘How We Invented Western Civilisation For You,’ Dr Mohammad Abdullah of Griffith Uni. Islamic Research Unit makes the claim that it was by employing these very same secret techniques (nods, twitches and winks) that enabled Islamic scholars to successfully conceal their plans for the invention of the The West from the infidels for so long. Dr Abdullah describes however how, tragically, Islamic scholars’ blueprints for the success and magnificence of Western ideals* were eventually lost to the Christians at the summit of Islam’s Golden Age. According to Dr Abdullah, it was Kara Mustafa who, in his determination to depart the field in a great hurry, forgot to pack the blueprints and take them with him after Suleiman’s sustained peace mission to Vienna in 1683 was rejected out of hand (by the sudden arrival of the Polish forces), “in yet another act of Islamophobia,” rues the Doc in his closing pages.
The eventual upshot of this, he continues, was that the West became a runaway success, while the great civilisations of Islam fell into decay and ruin “through our own ineptitude/through Islamophobia**”

With the golden civilisations of Cordoba and Baghdad in ruins and their great achievements overlooked or forgotten, “Islamist academics like myself,” Abdullah states “are left with nothing better to do than continue to invent great fictions in order to justify our continued rejection of reality.”

Much pleased with Abdullah’s scholarly conclusion, I look forward to my lunch with Captain Bob tomorrow.

* The Enlightenment, Emancipation, Freedom of Thought, the Renaissance, Industrial Revolution etc.
** Reader to choose his/her own personal favourite excuse

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1 Response to What’s In a Word? Today: Islamophobia (Part 5)

  1. Thomas King says:

    This is a typical word used by the Islamist b****s in order to silence those who wish to expose its darkest teachings at the very roots: the Qu’ran and the Hadiths. The Left wing loves using it too since they and the Muslims have one thing in common: Christophobia and Biblophobia.


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