Vintage Bob (Part 2)

Dr Abdullah’s theory is finally broached. Did the early Mohs* use cryptic facial expressions as a means of defeating Islamophobia? Does Bob’s CIA mates think Islamists will revert to similar means, knowing now their web activities are being closely watched by NSA and that their martyrdom might possibly come earlier than anticipated?  Bob dismisses it as a load of codswallop and is surprised that I continue to push this rather silly line in my blog, and he’s right. Besides, Bob remarks, obviously not wishing to discuss the matter much further, the CIA have observed this in the field for some time. Not as a secret code of any kind, but attributed, typically, to the outward signs of severe mental agitation and panic displayed while under extreme duress. Reported extensively by CIA analysts working in Pakistan and Afghanistan. And known to routinely peak and go wildly off the charts with certain** jihadists whenever a drone’s been sighted in their area, he says.

Next for discussion is the subject of arch-traitor Ed Snowden supposedly spilling the beans on our ally’s highly laudable email and web mass surveillance programs. Programs which, now that Bob Brown has retired, everyone knows is necessary to keep us from being governed by the hordes of screaming banshees from the Greens-Islamist Axis on the Left. I remind Bob that Gillian Triggs from the Australian Human Rights Council herself declared that Free Speech has its limitations: thereby confirming an open and shut case for bugging those who want to stifle free speech, including that woman and her entire HRC board, it seems to me. After her legislation to outlaw me from verbally abusing Sonya Plebishit were rejected by a delighted nation, should not failed ex-attorney general Nicola Roxon also be considered, I enquire?  Not wishing to give anything away Bob admires the contents of his glass for a moment before mumbling that he would chew it over. 

Finally, asking him quietly if Eddy Husic is really one of ours, he grins, leans over again and asks me how many cases of Chattanooga do I wish to order?


*Mohs = Abbrev.  for Mohammedans
**  Those suddenly having second thoughts about martyrdom 

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It's just satire, really.
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