PNG Solution: Part 3

Predictable howls of outrage and utter disbelief from the Left and human-rights advocates roll in. Refugee lawyers complain bitterly. Once ready to sue the ass off the government at the drop of a hat, they complain about the ‘iniquitous injustice’ of the plan, which is code for them having to now find work elsewhere. Amnesty International says it’s “appalled,” while Greens leader Christine Milne calls the PNG solution announcement our national day of shame. But not mine, I’m thinking. Lee Rhiannon quits The Greens in spite, rejoining her commie mates in the Socialist Workers Party (who still refuse to see reason), and Sarah Hanson Young on TV once more, utterly devastated, blubbering uncontrollably.
The usual stuff.

Stifling a yawn, I change channels to see what else is happening.
Sky TV reports instances of Green voters mass-suicides everywhere across the nation. Videos of them feeding themselves to schools of the protected Great White sharks off South Australia seem doctored to me. Scenes of many relentlessly beating their heads against the trees in Tasmania old-growth forests seem much more convincing and thus more satisfying. Encouraging, also, is footage of hundreds of Green voters around Australia, queuing at the airport, desperate to emigrate to New Zealand in a great hurry. That’s the spirit.
I look to see if there’s any sign of David Marr, refugee cry-baby, and Adam Bandt among them. And, yes, there they are, along with the entire staff of the ABC who have now been declared redundant. That’s what we want.
Things are turning out much better than expected and I can start to relax again.

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It's just satire, really.
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