PNG Solution: Part 1


Forget the refugee boats: Rudd’s asylum-boat bombshell to send all illegal asylum seekers to Papua and New Guinea has blown Abbott completely out of the water. Kevvie’s re-election is now almost a certainty. Abbott has been left completely helpless, floundering, without any answers to this roller-coaster come back. Three weeks ago, Abbott’s election as PM was a done deal, almost set in stone, Now his  plans are lying in tatter all about him – and for all of us in the Labor party, this is all that matters. No one in the Labor Party really cares about the refugees anymore: what’s important is to kill the evil Abbott off.

And PNG is our saviour.
It wasn’t too long ago that their ministers used to show off the shrunken heads of their political opponents whenever friends dropped by, but now this is all being swept under the carpet because PNG is our new found friend. From this point forward, their ‘funny business’ with heads, opposition leaders going missing and pet-crocodiles suddenly forming mysterious bulges will be put aside, and replaced by the much wider interests of demonstrating our cultural sensitivity towards our northern neighbours, and of ensuring Labor’s return to office.
Roll on the next election.

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It's just satire, really.
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