An Alternative to the Unthinkable

I think

Poor Tony Abbott. Now that Rudd’s brilliant new PNG refugee solution has been announced he must realise he’s days are numbered.  It took 10 years of relentless coaching by his Coalition minders to teach Abbott how to repeat over and over again,  ‘Labor can’t stop the boats, only the Coalition can,’ and to not look like a complete idiot while he was saying it. Despite the utter failure of the latter, the former succeeded beyond their wildest dreams and they were on course for victory.  Now that it seems Labor can stop the boats, Abbott’s no longer of any use to anyone. Another 10 years of retraining is out of the question and, thanks to the evil machinations of the Left, employing a trained monkey is no longer considered PC.

Malcolm Turnbull as Coalition leader is now the only viable option left to stop the Rudd juggernaut from reaching its ultimate goal of crowning him as Emperor. Time has run out and it’s just too late in the day for the Coalition to act for the greater good and knife Abbott squarely in the back and replace him with Turnbull. As previously noted (July 10, A Nightmare Down Under ) the thought of Rudd prancing about in ermine with a laurel leaf on his head would be just too disgusting for words and far beyond the wildest imaginings of Australia’s sensitive citizenry. Far less disgusting, however (though still somewhat distasteful) would be the one alternative remaining: a recourse to which my UK contacts say we should turn only as a last resort.
But why not? It worked in Egypt, so why not here?


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