PNG Solution: Part 4

Big song and dance in the media today about the spare tent allocated for the first 3,000 refugees to share when they arrive in the new PNG Gulag. It’s not big enough, they complain loudly. Another tent – possibly two – together with fresh drinking water will arrive in plenty of time before the election, Rudd promises, but no one believes him anymore.

And what’s left of the bleeding-hearts at the ABC are getting nervous.
Kerry O’Brien issues a statement saying that they cannot in all consciousness continue to host an impartial program vilifying Abbott on a nightly basis when Rudd’s professed Christian values are apparently so malleable. What a load of rubbish, I think. I put in a quick call to our central webmaster and get the ‘Francis of Assisi’ entries in Rudd’s online bio replaced with ‘Attila The Hun’ and that seems to shut him up for the moment.

Tony Burke’s suggestion that we also request Macquarie Dictionary change the definition of Gulag’ to mean ‘Idyllic Island Paradise’ is a constructive one, now being considered by their board. Tony clasps his hands together in glee, grateful that he may have contributed something positive, despite his treasonable prior associations with Gillard. I’ll only acknowledge his presence again if the Macquarie request is approved.

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