Spilling the Beans

Of course I have always known about Australian journalist Wilfred Burchett being on the KGB payroll since 1957, and his outing by Robert Manne in The Monthly magazine this week is old news. ASIO’s secret briefings to me about such things since entering Cory Bernardi’s privileged circle, needless to say, have to remain confidential, but I imagine it’ll be the same in another 60 years when cabinet minister and former Al-Qaeda deep-cover operative Ed Husic finally spills the beans. And then we can all have officially confirmed for us what we suspected all along about the amusing Akmal Saleh and his fellow so-called ‘comedians,’ Waleed Ali and Dr Mohammad Abdullah.

Likewise, ex-Greens leader Bob Brown might one day come out of his retirement and reveal that the crazed behaviour of Greens Senator Christine Milne is the result of her being either a closet lesbian, or on the payroll of the Saudi’s Intelligence Services. While denying ASIO has already briefed me on these matters, I have strong leanings towards the former, though I can’t rule out the latter, a combination of both, or none.

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