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That Sinking Feeling

Cause for much celebration as The Guardian’s headlines confirm Australia’s beloved leader may not be so beloved after all. Polling in his normally safe Labor seat has Rudd trailing the LNP candidate (‘some Abbott-loving pisshead’) by a wide margin. Normally … Continue reading

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Second TV Debate

Inner cabinet meeting today: Rudd turns up absolutely spitting, furious after last night’s debate. The TV makeup artist posting on Facebook afterwards that Abbott had been absolutely lovely to her, whereas Rudd had been an absolute prick is just the … Continue reading

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Aussie Values Political Committee

Yesterday’s disqualification from political office in Iran of Nina Moradi for ‘not observing Islamic norms’ (i.e., being too sexy) has given cause for alarm. After the mass hysteria over poor Fiona Scott’s sex-appeal two days ago, the depraved moral universe … Continue reading

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Gates of Cairo 2013?

After the bloody crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo, more phony platitudes from Rudd and Carr as they call on the Egyptian government to show ‘restraint.’ The same crocodile tears are shed by Obama and other Western leaders – but … Continue reading

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Labor Sex-Appeal 2

Newly released from his padded cell and on the prowl again, Mark Latham seizes an opportunity on radio to attack Abbott’s taste in women, dismissing the Liberal candidate Fiona Scott as having no sex-appeal, and being ordinary. While these comments … Continue reading

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Labor Sex-Appeal

Pity poor Rudd. After Abbott compliments Liberal candidate Fiona Scott for having sex-appeal, Rudd’s at a loss what to do. We need to respond in kind, I tell him. A Labor equivalent needs to be quickly found to prove to … Continue reading

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Buddy’s Post-Election Bash

The promised invite to Palmer Uniting Party PUP’s Victorian candidate Buddy Rojek’s post-election “Huge party” for his faithful volunteers finally arrives. Eager to cosy up to Clive and his billions in any way I can, especially in this way, I prepare myself … Continue reading

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First TV Debate

Quiet morning, really. Analysis of the TV debate last night fails to tell us anything new, other than Rudd cheated by using notes when he wasn’t supposed to. Big deal. He’s been lying and cheating for most of his political … Continue reading

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Rudd Vs Abbott Debate

Not long to go before the big TV debate. All Rudd has to do is to pretend he’s not a fraud. All Abbott has to do is to pretend he’s not a jerk. Whoever wins tonight will go up in … Continue reading

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The Greens – Final Thoughts

Quite taken aback today to hear the news that Charlotte Church would prefer to ‘poke her eyes out with sticks’ rather than appear on the UK’s X-Factor judging panel. Astounded, in fact, to realise that she would be the first … Continue reading

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