Lynch the Racist?

Good news that, for Jake (‘the-shit’) Lynch,  Director of the University of Sydney’s Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies and rabid supporter of the Islamist front organisation BDS’* campaign to destroy Israel, judgement day may have moved a little bit closer.

Yesterday’s lodgement of a class action complaint of racism** with  the Australian Human Rights Commission against Lynch for his advocacy to boycott Israeli academic institutions, is not before time. Now, for the AHRC, this situation is new. As has been pointed out before, the leftist thought-police running it have been almost exclusive preoccupied since 9/11 with putting out anti-Muslim bush-fires that keep unaccountably popping up all over the place. Ruthlessly suppressing the tiniest criticism that anyone might dare think worth stating publicly against the AHRC’s own personal paradigm of virtue – Islam – has been a full time job for them, given every Australian in their right mind despises it. In the interests of continuing the ridiculous charade that Australian multiculturalism is still a success when it includes Muslims who mostly won’t assimilate, however, what else can they do?

Unlike the last 12 years of complaints about vilifying Muslims, with this class action crying vilification of Jews the AHRC finds itself in new territory. Wondering if they will demonstrate the same impeccable degree of diligence when dealing with the British-born Lynch’s long, track-record of toxic anti-Semitism, I put in a call to the AHRC’s head, Gillian Triggs, to get some assurance. Knowing my, shall we say?, less than favourable regard for her organisation  (given my previous public pronouncements on the same) of course she’s in no hurry to return my call. But, I can wait. I’m happy to sit in the meantime and muse on what things we could have in store for Jake ‘the-shit,’ if and when the AHRC do find against him.

And I sense Jake may be starting to squirm a little (and even, with a bit of luck, living up to his nickname and starting to shit himself a little) at the thought of what the consequences might be if they do. At least I hope so.

Should his support for the BDS campaign be found to be the racist, he knows that I will do everything to have his Australian passport revoked and ensure that the UK won’t allow this crypto-Islamist – for that is what he is – back there again. The only remaining option he will have open to him then, as an illegal refugee, is to join one of the many chain-gangs now forging a brave new world in one of Rudd’s string of Manus Island Jungle Resorts. Hopefully he will feel more at home there then he would do living with the Israelis while his Hamas mates in down-town Gaza lob missiles at them.


* BDS – Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions  (campaign against Israel)
** By the Shurat Hadin Legal Action Center, based in Haifa 

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