A Sheikh for the Senate

I see that failed ex-director of GetStuffed! (previously known as ‘GetUp!’), Simon Sheikh, is in trouble again, but I don’t think he should resign from The Greens. As is well known, Sheikh’s relentless online GetUp! campaign to get everyone in Australia to convert to homosexuality so that they could all then go out and bonk each other mercilessly without fear of discrimination, was an utter failure. And after media sources regularly exposed GetUp!’s much vaunted membership numbers of hundreds of thousands to be completely phony, in a fit of rage he renamed it ‘GetStuffed!’, before jumping ship from Labor and throwing in his lot with The Greens.

With the corporate watchdog this week noting Sheikh’s breach of the rules by forgetting to resign his Labor Party membership months ago before nominating as a Green for the ACT Senate, many of his detractors have called for his resignation, but not me. It’s best to keep so-called progressives and all the other usurpers of our society over there, in the one group, the more easier to keep an eye on them. 

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