Innovative Islam


Richard Dawkins’ anti-Islam soundings continue to reverberate across the Twittersphere. His latest revelation, that despite having invented Western Civilisation and founded the Australian Greens, Muslims have yet to win a single Nobel Peace Prize.
Why weren’t we told?
While I can well understand Islam’s desire to hide its shining light under a bushel, I do think it’s high-time that they be given some credit for having done something to advance modern civilisation, at least once in the passed 600 years. For this great stretch of the imagination I’ve written to the Norwegian Nobel Committee recommending they recognize Adnan Oktar and his Islamist Sex Cult’s (Bilim Araştırma Vakfı) in Turkey for their outstanding contribution to Interfaith dialogue by awarding him the Nobel Peace Prize.

Oktar’s organisation employs a very innovative and, I think, a highly-applaudable strategy of outreach to non-Muslims. Employing Barbie-like bimbos (see very hot pic above) to front its news broadcasts and media campaigns promoting Islam and interfaith dialogue has proven an excellent way to distract attention from the other sometimes questionable aspects of the religion. That male Kuffar conversion rates soar when there are plenty of well-stacked blondes around at critical junctures, such as when Sharia membership forms come out for signature, or a new beheading is announced, speaks volumes for the strategy.  And women convert in droves when they realise they can look absolutely awesome when lounging about in their Harem without having to wear all the Burqa shit stuff.

Hiding the cult’s Creationism, anti-Semitism and stealth-Islamism under the veneer of respectability is par for the course for Islam, as the Nobel Peace Prize committee will well know, and Oktar’s own suggestions that he might be the long-awaited Mahdi can be politely deferred to, but mentally assigned to the crank basket along with the rest of the Islamist nonsense. The accusations often levelled, that the cult’s high membership retention rate is a result of blackmailing waverers with the secret footage shot during their mandatory sex initiation rites, can be politely overlooked by the committee in the higher interests of interfaith dialogue and world peace.

Let’s hope Oktar winning the Nobel Peace Prize will give enough cause for Dawkins to lay off the poor bastards for a while, if only for a week.

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