Labor Sex-Appeal 2


Newly released from his padded cell and on the prowl again, Mark Latham seizes an opportunity on radio to attack Abbott’s taste in women, dismissing the Liberal candidate Fiona Scott as having no sex-appeal, and being ordinary. While these comments clearly breach his rules for his earlier release (giving aid and comfort to the enemy: ie, Rudd), support comes from other quarters, though for different reasons. Emily’s List national convenor, feminist Tanja Kovac, and an endless list of other Labor kill-joys from the same outfit also line up to attack Abbott. Likewise Christine Milne of The Greens, whose totally fruit-ball suggestion that Abbott should have talked about Scott’s  “professionalism and good intellect” instead is without precedent and beggars belief.

As if there isn’t enough evidence for the mentally-disturbed Left to be committed themselves, this ridiculous argument, that sex-appeal should have no bearing on anyone’s suitability for political office, has already been exposed for the hypocrisy it is by the Federal Member for Melbourne, the famously Gay and Green, Adam Bandt. How else, I argue, could Bandt have been elected if it wasn’t for his manifest sexiness in the eyes of the city’s famous, exclusively Gay populace, and its notoriously butch, latte-sipping criminal underworld?

A cursory glance at his public record is damning. For it fails to produce a single scrap of evidence suggesting that Bandt has done anything worthwhile at all, after nearly 3 years in office, other than to relentlessly push for Gay-Marriage. Thus, this corroborating evidence, that Bandt was elected for no other reason than raw, gay sex appeal, is overwhelming, and should be more than enough proof in any court of law for him to be barred from ever holding office again.

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