Gates of Cairo 2013?

After the bloody crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo, more phony platitudes from Rudd and Carr as they call on the Egyptian government to show ‘restraint.’ The same crocodile tears are shed by Obama and other Western leaders – but we all know what they’re really thinking: “Three-cheers for the Egyptian military.”

Stacking the squares with, and hiding behind women and children is the typically cowardly Islamist tactic of moral blackmail and, fortunately, the Egyptian Army refused to be intimidated by it.

Al-Qaeda is just the violent 10% tip of the Islamist iceberg of horrors: Stealth Islamism constitutes the remaining 90%, lying hidden beneath.  Given that the MB provides much of the political and ideological framework supporting the subversion of the West by stealth Islam and its critical importance to Islamists world-wide as a consequence, its removal from office and the crushing of dissent yesterday by the military and its liberal allies in Egypt may well be seen in the future as an enormous victory for the survival  of Western civilisation: on the same scale and magnitude as that at the Gates of Vienna in 1683.

Knowing most of the MB leaders applauded and rubbed their hands in glee after 9/11, Bali and the London bombings, many people in Washington, London and Canberra will now be secretly doing the same. For my part, I am doing that – as well as singing 
“Happy, happy, joy, joy” over my cornflakes this morning.
But we’ve got a long way to go yet.

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