Election Postmortem – Part 1

At Labor HQ this morning and the expected scenes of ruinous despair a few days ago are today nowhere to be found. Rudd’s finally bailing from the Labor leadership forever is cause for great jubilation, but everyone is totally gutted that he didn’t also lose his seat. Celebrations are therefore subdued. A few MP’s are entirely pissed out of their brains or on their knees, blubbering, thanking God that they managed to hang onto their pathetic seats despite all predictions.  Rudd is nowhere to be seen, no doubt off somewhere looking for an air-hostess or makeup artist to abuse.

For my part, the absence of a total annihilation of the Left is cause for great irritation. Nevertheless, knowing people like the gay refugee cry-baby David Marr will be deeply depressed – perhaps suicidal – over the result raises the spirits somewhat.  Julian Assange, holed up in his embassy and failing to get a seat must give him cause to look for the easy way out as well, and once again I email him, urging him to do so. There are just far too few Australian political martyrs these days for our own good.

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It's just satire, really.
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