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Prime Time Entertainment

At lunch today with Cory Bernardi discussing tactics. As to my choice of the term “bunch of parrots” in my earlier Aussie Fatwah post instead of the more accurate “flock of parrots,” he agrees that the latter noun qualifier might … Continue reading

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Aussie Fatwah

After the outrageous attack on our illustrious General Angus Campbell, my idea of launching an Aussie fatwah against Stephen Conroy for blasphemy seems to be gaining traction. Of course I’ve copied the idea from the Muslim world where, as we … Continue reading

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Game(s) Over

Meanwhile, in a far distant land, a bear cub with a pack of howling European wolves on its tail, is seen racing for safety to the edge of the eastern forests. Nearby, a behemoth, the cub’s mother, is waking up … Continue reading

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Trouble At The Mill

Manus Island Resort in the news again. This time we have the courageous Scott Morrison telling us that the riots last week actually occurred within the compound, and not outside it, as was originally reported. As we await further details without … Continue reading

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Quaint Customs from the Caucases

While the use of Cossack whips on the Pussy Riot vandals in Sochi is to be much admired, I wouldn’t recommend similar remedies being adopted here in Australia. That is, they should not be overtly used, carte blanche, for example, as a … Continue reading

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More Misogynist Misery

From  memory, it seems like it was only last September (it was) at the ‘In Conversation with Anne Summers’ feminist forum in the Sydney Opera House, before an audience of thousands when former Prime Minister Julia Gillard was laying to … Continue reading

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Death By Diversity

Speaking of mass murderers, news is just in that Hezbollah has opened up official shop in Australia in the form of their “Electronic Resistance” website. Hezbollah is the selfsame organisation that legitimises the targeting of Israeli women and children with rockets … Continue reading

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Acquired Taste For Death

Imran Khan, the dashing, one-time Pakistani cricket-idol turned politician is now showing all the hallmarks of becoming a wise and great statesman. In a recent speech demonstrating the power of his political acumen, he has lent political legitimacy to the … Continue reading

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The ABC – What is to be Done?

Alarmed to read a report that the Abbott government is not intending to cancel the treacherous ABC’s broadcasting rights outright after all, only their totally useless Asian service.  I ring Malcom Turnbull and arrange a meet with a few of … Continue reading

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A number of readers have emailed me to enquire why I didn’t include Vladimir Putin on the list of “Usual Suspects” donors I should approach in support of the Assange cause. (See 11/feb post) The simple reason is that it … Continue reading

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