Morning again in Canberra

[ The story so far:
The Green and Gay Progressive Left remain in a state of denial over last November’s catastrophic election defeat as a dark shadow – of a decidedly non-rainbow hue –  descends upon their land. With the dreaded Abbott now in power, the Left’s historic humiliation is complete. The Canberra same-sex marriage act has been trashed, the Climate Commission abolished:Tim Flannery and the shining light of the Left’s multi-cultural-heresy thought police, Tim Soutphommasane, have both buggered off to look for some other job.  And the heads of the grievance industry (aka the Australian Human Rights Commission) are having palpitations at the thought of being forced to defend genuine free speech, instead of prosecuting to the hilt the slightest deviance from their progressive, post-modernist, cultural-marxist-clap-trap agenda.

And – woe of woes – a robust policy but fair operation has been put into place on our high seas, dramatically cutting the illegal boats arriving down to almost nothing and saving countless lives in the process. For the Left, this alone, means their darkest days have truly come to pass.

With their very worst fears realised (ie, an Abbott government), many out of desperation have killed themselves. Others have gone to The Ecuadorian embassy in London, joining Julian Assange in his attempts to foil the Great Satan; or to Moscow to look for Ed Snowden, in the hope that the inevitable US drone strike might take them out too (see last post). Others, bravely, at great risk to themselves have left for Sochi, to offer themselves up for sacrifice at the evil Putin’s impending heteronormative, Olympic Games. Some have emigrated to New Zealand, in the forlorn hope that one day GAIA may one day bountifully and graciously turn them into a tree and help redress this great wrong that has been visited upon her. But many others remain defiant, continuing to fight the good progressive fight: wasting more public money at pointless senate hearings.

Now read on …]


Another bright and bouncy Canberra morning arrives. Always keen to witness the workings of our healthy young democracy at first-hand I head off to the Senate Committee Hearing, looking forward to seeing the ever-delightful Green Senator Sarah Hanson-Young and the formidable Labor Senator Kim Carr in action.

Question to Senator Kim Carr (Labor) from Immigration Minister Scott Morrison: Senator Carr, do you claim Public Interest Immunity against the release of papers which clearly demonstrate that you organised this Senate Committee Hearing out of sheer vindictiveness? Hasn’t this sham hearing been called here purely and solely for the reason that you are still seething, uncontrollably beside yourself with fury, about the outcome  of the election? That you still can’t believe that the Australian people would prefer an Abbott-led government any time over yours, and that you can’t live with this utter humiliation anymore? Isn’t this just another spurious attempt to attack the government over anything at all, to hit out at them for everything and anything, merely because you are still SPITTING? Still absolutely SPITTING that, despite your best efforts to con them into doing otherwise, over 70% of the population were intelligent enough to see through your elaborate charade and throw Labor out of office?

Senator Kim Carr: !&^*$?@&!#%!+!!! .. (etc., for 10 minutes or so, then rests)

Question to Sarah Hanson-Young (Greens) from Immigration Minister Scott Morrison (Wiping away expectorate from his glasses): Senator Hanson-Young, do you claim …

Interjection from the Public Gallery: I love you Sarah! You’re ever so delightful!

Sarah Hanson-Young: (Blushing) Thank you Christevan! 

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison (Annoyed, continues) : Senator Hanson-Young, do you claim, do you claim Public Interest Immunity against the release of papers which will prove beyond a shadow of doubt that you intend to continue your hysterical blubbering and public outbursts of moral indignation over the conjunction of two of your own very worst nightmares: An Abbott-led government and a Stop-the-Boats policy which is starting to succeed?

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young: (Barely audible between hysterical blubbering and public outbursts of moral indignation.) Yes. On both counts.

Same Interjector from the Public Gallery: We thought as much! 

The hearing continues tomorrow.

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