Sochi Games


With the Games about to open in Sochi, the entire world is holding its breath, hoping that it’s success will finally legitimise Putin’s grand kleptocracy and give the Soviet Union Mark 2 its rightful due, once and for all, and recognise it as one of the world’s great mafia states. But there are nay-sayers. In particular that pathetic little dissident Andrei Navalny, who has predictably pooh-pooed the games all the way along, describing Putin’s pet 51 trillion dollar project as that of a “small, spiteful pharaoh building himself the greatest pyramid in the world.” Anyone with any education will dismiss this is an entire fabrication and, even if it were true, would know that Putin’s Games pale in comparison to, for example, the multi-cultural lobby’s megalomaniacal, self-serving constructs here in Australia.

Besides, the make-over of the Sochi ski resort and the ensuing great fame should stand the test of time for many years to come (just like the 1936 games in Berlin) and keep Putin’s name on everybody’s lips for the rest of recorded time (just like that of you know who.). This will be in stark contrast to the ivory towers designed, built and occupied by the leftist MC lobby which should soon come crashing down under George Brandis’ broom, hopefully, by the end of July. At that juncture, people like Gillian Triggs, the entire workforce at the ABC and Tim Soutphommasane (especially) will be discarded and quickly forgotten in the refuse of history.
One can only hope, can’t one?

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