Schapelle – Poor, Dear, Innocent little Lamb

After much extensive soul-searching (approx. 3 seconds) I’ve concluded that I won’t give a flying toss if that guilty-as-hell, bare-faced liar Schapelle Corby is not released and remains in gaol for another 9 years. I will care a flying toss – and a lot more besides – if she is released and the noise from the predictable non-stop media circus that is bound to follow for weeks on end drowns out the perpetual whine of the bleeding-hearts on the Left as the Coalition gets on with the job of successfully prosecuting Operation Sovereign Borders. Keep the whining and sanctimonious whinging from the bleeding-heart, Green and Gay Left centre-stage. And turn the volume up, I say.

The last thing we want is the enormous chutzpah and hypocrisy of their arguments (and the sounds of Sarah Hanson-Young sobbing and saying stupid things) to be eclipsed by something so monumentally unjust as Corby’s early release. Corby’s early pardon from her eminently and entirely just incarceration in Kerobokan should be avoided at all costs. Even if she isn’t a bare-faced liar. Even if she isn’t as guilty-as-hell. Even if she has been preying on and scheming for the naive public’s sympathy, with her pretty model’s face and her family in Australia having been wallowing up to their armpits in pot for most of her life.

Don’t get me wrong:  I’m not at all suggesting that this is all true. Not at all.
But let’s face it, we all know that it is, and even if it isn’t Schapelle who is unable to explain how the 53 metric tonnes of pure cocaine got into her surfboard should understand that she should make the sacrifice in the national interest and stay put in gaol where she, due to the overwhelming evidence that says Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!, without a shadow of doubt belongs. The last thing we want is to let the great Australian public for a moment be deprived of the bitterness of the Left’s sustained bleating and hand-wringing because of this poor, dear, innocent little lamb.

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