The ABC – What is to be Done?

Alarmed to read a report that the Abbott government is not intending to cancel the treacherous ABC’s broadcasting rights outright after all, only their totally useless Asian service.  I ring Malcom Turnbull and arrange a meet with a few of the inner cabinet to discuss.

Cory gleefully suggests an ABC detox, using as a model the 1934 Night of the Long Knives, when Hitler seized total control by wiping out Böhm’s SA. Or  Stalin’s s 1937/38 purges,” he enthused, “when, after forcing them to confess their evil ways on camera, he had most of the old Bolsheviks shot.

Turnbull replies with a smile that, though they are both splendid suggestions about how to deal with the Leftist ABC recalcitrants, particularly the idea of show-trials, to put them into practice would seem “so un-Australian,” and in end we all agree that it just would not look good on prime-time. Unless of course, says Cory, still persistent, we put the live footy on all the other channels at the same time. While the real Australia is watching the footy, the progressive Left, who greatly despise anything that smacks of nationalism, will have no choice but watch the show-trials on the only remaining channel.

Turnbull promises to think it over but I can see he’s not keen. I suspect he is far too much of a fringe-Lefty and a wimp to want to exact revenge on the ABC in this way:on some of the people who happen to actually sympathise with his silly climate-change clap-trap. What’s more, some of his best friends are Greens. 

Then Cory starts champing at the bit. Talking about ‘milder’ measures, firing managing director Mark Scott outright, rounding up the ring-leaders (e.g., Barry Cassidy, Tony Jones, Fran Kelly, “Red” Kerry O’Brien etc ) and sending them off to Outback re-education camps, and so forth. The term ‘final solution’ isn’t itself raised but once he actually starts to include the subject of profiling Q&A audience in the same sentence with gulags and remarking on the amazing accuracy of drones these days, Turnbull suddenly announces the meeting has come to an end.

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