Acquired Taste For Death

imran khan

Imran Khan, the dashing, one-time Pakistani cricket-idol turned politician is now showing all the hallmarks of becoming a wise and great statesman. In a recent speech demonstrating the power of his political acumen, he has lent political legitimacy to the Pakistani Taliban by describing their emergence as a response to corrupt government.

This is the same Imran Khan sporting-great cum-politician who for many years has publicly denounced the US for conducting drone strikes against the Afghan Taliban who, along with Osama B.L., have been granted free-sanctuary by the Pakistan military for decades. Now he has offered this ‘social-protest’ rationale as an explanation for The Pakistani Taliban’s emergence. This explanaton is quite different from the more common-sense ‘bunch-of Muslim-psychopaths’ rationale long supported by sane people. But then again, he was a famous cricketer, and a good-looking one at that, so who are we to argue?

However, it has to be said, with the world ruled mostly by corrupt governments, none of them –even Muslim countries – have opposition groups comprised of men who predominantly conduct their anti-corruption campaigns by slaughtering men, women and children en mass.
Except, we are now told by Khan, Pakistan.

Muslim males around the world may enslave and beat the women they marry, and throw acid in the faces of those women who refuse to marry them because they are 5 times their age. They may enjoy the sensual delights of pedophilia in honour of The Prophet and use rape as a punishment rather than punishing it as a crime. But nowhere else, except in Pakistan, according to Khan, has a group of them obtained popular support through murdering, for example, schoolgirls trying to get an education (and other such apostates) as being part of their anti-corruption campaign. It can only be in Pakistan because you know it makes such good Koranic sense.

By proffering this excuse for the existence of the Pakistan Taliban, Imran Khan, the famous ex-cricketer turned great statesman, helps Islam keep their Western progressive allies on side by explaining away Islam’s murderous ways as being derived from noble causes. Going out and slaughtering school children as a noble response to social injustice sounds better than hearing that they do it because of an acquired taste for death. A taste for death acquired through an intimate knowledge of and a total obedience to the Koran.

It’s good that we still have great, cricketing legends around to change our thinking on subjects like this. Otherwise we might completely overreact about the possibility of such a nightmare society taking root here in the future: by starting to scrutinise prospective immigrants from Muslim countries far more closely than we seem to be doing now.

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