Death By Diversity


Speaking of mass murderers, news is just in that Hezbollah has opened up official shop in Australia in the form of their “Electronic Resistance” website.
Hezbollah is the selfsame organisation that legitimises the targeting of Israeli women and children with rockets and suicide bombs, and is quite comfortable with the idea of using their own women and children as human shields during Israeli air-strikes. The very same happy-happy-joy-joy death-cult, whose members, inspired by The Prophet, like to stroke their beards thoughtfully while convincing unmarried mothers to atone themselves (having become fallen and worthless in the eyes of Allah) by acting as suicide bombers.

Yes, Hezbollah: the very same fun-filled, Iranian-backed glee-club which runs mass TV education programs for their kids from birth teaching that Jews and Christians are sub-human, the sons of pigs and apes. They are now available Down Under, in Australia, on a website near you. Check them out here:

Before you get alarmed, though, rest reassured that they are just everyday people deep down, like you and me, with the same freedom-loving, Western values deep down … right? Because Hezbollah also think that the Australian multicultural lobby has been doing a fantastic job too – and wouldn’t want to change a bit of it! Except to admit more of their own like-minded people in.
So there you have it: we have something in common with them after all. Beards or no beards.

It’s just a shame, though, that Hezbollah have been unfortunately designated a terrorist organisation by the US. And the EU for that matter.
So  it is for that reason anyone thinking about walking around within a 200 metre radius of Hezbollah’s Australian web server should first exercise great caution. That is, don’t.*


*Exceptions to this rule: Anyone from the progressive Left, including Jake Lynch.

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It's just satire, really.
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