More Misogynist Misery


From  memory, it seems like it was only last September (it was) at the ‘In Conversation with Anne Summers’ feminist forum in the Sydney Opera House, before an audience of thousands when former Prime Minister Julia Gillard was laying to rest all those outrageous misogynist attacks on her. That she was wholly incompetent, that she was quite ill-suited for the job as PM, and that she was, moreover, just a a big fat liar. The huge audience, comprising the Labor-Left’s entire female-voting population of Australia (except Therese Rein and her husband), roared with laughter at her every single joke and tearfully nodded, cheered and clapped their approval at every non joke. After her humiliating ousting by Captain Tin Tin few months earlier, at the end of the night, she put the record straight, it seemed, once and for all.

But the ugly spectre of misogyny appears to have raised it’s ugly head once again this week as Victorian Police seizing hundreds of AWU ‘slush fund’ documents from a Perth storage unit as part of the …
(Complete the sentence below by choosing the most likely correct explanation from the following two options: )
(a) ongoing investigation into Julia’s former boyfriend, Bruce Wilson, for alleged fraud.
(b) Tony Abbott-led sexist/misogynist establishment’s attempts to destroy her utterly.

I ring up Julia to get her take on things but she won’t take my calls. Boyfriend Tim tells me to politely f**k off. This can only be because …
(Complete the sentence below by choosing the most likely correct explanation from the following three options:)
(a) Corruption is very much like Islamophobia: where there is smoke, there is always fire.
(b) Sexism and Misogynism allegations against critics of Julia Gillard’s government and stupid deals with The Greens were quae omnino bolloxa.*
(c) Both (a) and (b)

[Answers on the back of a postcard.]




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