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At lunch today with Cory Bernardi discussing tactics.
As to my choice of the term “bunch of parrots” in my earlier Aussie Fatwah post instead of the more accurate “flock of parrots,” he agrees that the latter noun qualifier might have been mispronounced if read too quickly, particularly by some of my extensive Irish readership. Entirely inappropriate, he says, for a conservative, family-oriented political diary which he is keen to promote to his constituents. Just keep the language clean, he says, and all should be well.

Moving quickly on, Cory thinks the idea of an ‘Aussie Fatwah’ an extremely good one and we start throwing around ideas. It seems he is very well taken with the suggestions of how justice might be best served on Conroy and many of the others on the treacherous Left who seek to subvert our values and defile our Aussie icons. He notes a live broadcast of such justice being meted out on prime time TV would be entirely fitting, “Particularly with a Hills Rotary Line stuck up his clacker,” he says. Good, sound, family entertainment which can be “enjoyed by all red-blooded Australians over the Anzac weekend.” A warning to all, he adds, “and a moral example which is very likely curry favour when dealing with people like the Chinese and the Russians.”

I tell him I remember hearing something similar once under the previous government from Rudd (just before attending church in Brisbane one Sunday morning): “On the cusp of signing a new trade agreement with the biggest collection of gooks in the world, a singular demonstration of moral surety and purpose like this one is bound to blow their commie-lovin’ chopsticks away.”
As far as impressing the Chinese, I can’t help but agree with Cory. But I expect the Russians would think we had a long way to go yet.

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