Bio-Markers (1)

Greatly excited after reading an article in New Scientist about the discovery of certain so-called ‘bio-markers’ in our DNA and the enormity of what they promise. Scientists have found unique markers which can genetically pin-point a person’s predispositions to certain diseases, as I understand it. Bio-markers in a soldier’s  DNA, for example, can be used by the Army to identify his/her susceptibility to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) before entering into elite combat training, allowing them to reject her/him before the training began, as a result. Vast amounts of time, effort and money can be saved because the soldier would have inevitably displayed PTSD symptoms at some point in the training, and would as a consequence have failed anyway.

But my real excitement is about other possibilities.
Questions, questions, questions ….
Can bio-markers be used to identify mental traits or certain types of mental deficiency? Do bio-markers exist which will allow voters to identify – in advance – a person’s propensity to engage in silly politics, for example? Do bio-markers exist which can be used to stop the unhinged amongst us, who have a tendency towards crying uncontrollably in public, from gaining office?

Is it possible to scan people’s DNA for bio-markers identifying them as unusually given to wacky political beliefs, histrionics, and/or the occasional temper-tantrum? Bio-markers which could well have been used to save billions of dollars of wasted tax-payers money and the loss of over 1100 lives at sea through their emotionally-charged, irresponsible politics? Are there such bio-markers which could have been used to give us good reason for locking these people away in a lunatic asylum forever and a day in the first place?
Is there a ‘Greenie’ bio-marker? I ask.

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