More Moral Chutzpah from Marr

david marr

There is always an ever-present feeling of nausea accompanying any reading of an article by David Marr. And his lecture to Australians in yesterday’s Guardian about their treatment of illegal boat refugees was no exception. In fact, such was the overwhelming feeling of nausea when reading his latest hand-wringing lament about Australia’s alleged national guilt, I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I threw-up all over the place.

After steadily regaining my composure, I promptly threw up again, and then again, repeatedly, as though my body ached to free itself of some great sickness it knew it had to rid itself of immediately. A contagion which the body recognised as being up there with many of the other great plagues of recorded history. This one being: ‘Sanctimonious Leftist Moralising.’ The body thinks to itself: “Hmm,  more sanctimonious leftist moralising, hey? But this time I see it’s reached new heights of chutzpah. This time it’s accusing Australians of ‘finding fresh reserves of cruelty’ in order to stop the boats.” Coupled with the hypocritical Marr’s refusal to apportion a scintilla of blame to himself (or to the rest of the Green-Left) for aiding and abetting the deaths of over 1200 at sea, forcing Australia to adopt Manus as a solution, the body had no choice. It said, “That’s it, I’ve had it enough: here’s what this morning’s breakfast looks like …”

And then we have the treacherous, weasel-worded Marr describing the deaths of a refugee during a riot, ‘Slaughter on Manus,’ as though it was a calculated part of a Abbott-devised government fear-campaign. The inference is a construct: a lie.  A pure, hysterical invention, and yet another example of leftists using deceit and histrionics to morally bludgeon and undermine the Western society they so despise.

Given all this, if it had any regard for accurate reporting when offering a left-of-centre point of view, Guardian Australia should immediately recognise the error of its ways and try to make up for this act of intellectual dishonesty. They should instantly overturn the recent decision to appoint Marr to their newspaper, and tell him he should publicly offer a mea culpa and a penance of some sort to clear their good name.

But, because this anti-Catholic crusading bigot doesn’t believe in penance, an alternative would be for him to follow the obligation of the ancient Roman pagans once they were suspected of plotting to undermine the state. Marr should feel obliged to go back to his inner-city ivory-tower, draw himself a nice, long, hot bath, gently lie in it, get comfy – then open up his veins with a razor. Or else he should take a running jump off a cliff somewhere.

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