If A Tree Falls In The Forest, And Nobody Is There to Hear It …?

scott ludlum

If Scott Ludlum talks garbage in the Senate, and no one is in the chamber to hear it, is it still garbage?”

The answer is, of course, yes.
Despite the chamber being that (completely empty), through the benefit of TV coverage last week we have irrefutable proof that the same old garbage was indeed uttered. And fortunately the cameras were not only able to record the usual environmental claptrap but also the accompanying tired old anti-Abbott fantasy (racism, homophobia, etc.) which has already been many times refuted. And because it has been refuted, it also blows Ludlum’s credibility right out of the water. With a bit of luck, ditto to his bid to be re-elected to the WA Senate this Saturday.

As for Ludlum’s attempts at respectability – wearing a nice suit for the occasion – no one should be fooled by this pretense either. A quick reminder of just how fruitcake some of his and his Party’s core beliefs are, can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElJFYwRtrH4

Watching this video of rather pathetic people wailing and praying over the carcasses of dead trees should introduce a whole new generation of voters to some of the squalid little secrets hidden beneath Ludlum’s otherwise respectable facade. In imitation of European royalty, Ludlum, Milne, Bandt etc., and other Green Party officials all dress well in public and keep their mad ideas and mad offspring – of which they have many – locked away and out of view in the hope that no one will ever find them.

So we can all thank YouTube for sharing this secret with us. In this case, it is the one about the sounds you hear in a forest – after a tree has fallen – whenever Greens are in the vicinity. It is, in fact, a great cacophony of sounds, emitted from truly deranged people, in their natural habitat – minus their suits – while going about their normal, everyday affairs.

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