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aussie nippers

Bad news from Iraq again today: this time it’s about paedophilia. So I naturally decide to skim through my newly arrived copy of Waleed Aly’s ‘Shariah For Aussie Kids (Vol 2)’ to see what it has to say about it.
And no mention of Ja’far Al-Sadiq’s* famous 7th century decree in support of it. The one which declares that girls who reach the eligible age of 9 can be married off to any old Arab with enough spare cash. A new draft bill with this injunction at the centre has just been approved by the Iraqi parliament, leaving me to question whether open season on 9 year old girls in Iraq might also be the case for our young Aussie nippers under own Aussie version of the Shariah. Failing to raise this subject in either of Waleed’s Volumes leaves me to wonder if systemic paedophilia throughout the Muslim world really is just a quaint cultural add on.

Surprisingly, Aussie Muslim-convert Susan Carland refuses to confirm or deny paedophilia being a prerequisite for Muslim males in her book ‘Islam For Extremely Stupid People: New Converts Like Me.’ Nor did she raise the subject at any time during her recent appearance on Q&A, despite Andrew Bolt sitting next to her and egging her on, telling her to “C’mon. ‘fess up!

Perhaps well-known Islamists such as Jake Lynch, Keysar Trad and Simon Sheikh realise that, after enduring 2 centuries of psychological abuse under the British Judeo-Christian yoke, Australians are still “ignorant” and lack the sophistication to appreciate the finer details of Islam and have decided it best to quietly drop the subject for the time being.
Or maybe at the time of Al-Sadiq’s visionary declaration about the rights of women – the one that says, Quote: Women are blessed with more rights than that of a pig, but 200 cubits less than the inverse-squared volume of that part of a camel’s testicle which can pass through the eye of a needle in a twinkling of Allah’s eye. Unquote  – Australia had yet to be discovered. Maybe this fact might yet exempt little 9 year old Aussie girls from being officially ripe for molestation once the global caliphate rolls into town.

Not so, Waleed tells me on the phone.
Both volumes of his ‘Shariah For Aussie Kids’ follow in the tradition of the ‘great taqquia,’ and are for English speakers only, he says.  To get the real story one must study classical Arabic and read the Koran in the original. That way you’ll realise that every nice thing you hear from us in English about Islam or Shariah Law is pure bullshit, he says.


*Ja’far Ibn Muhammad Al-Sadiq: the famous  6th Imam and 7th Century founder of Shia jurisprudence from Iran. Best known for his unfinished masterpiece,’How To Screw The West by Dragging Out Phony Nuclear Disarmament Talks for More than 1400 Years.’

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