18c or not 18c? That is the Question (Part 2)

george brandis

As everyone with an ounce of intelligence knows (but none dares to publicly admit) the move by George Brandis to remove section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act poses not just a threat to the rule of the multicultural junta who really run Australia, but also to the many genuinely nice, law-abiding Muslims who currently live freely amongst us.

For this greatly disadvantaged minority, already under much suspicion (God knows why), the absolutely last thing they want is to be subjected to more Islamophobia –  this time less-restrained and more damning – from right-wing Australian bigots such as Bernardi, Bolt and Sheehan, who have long cottoned onto the Islamists’ duplicitous little game but have been told by 18c to shut up.

As with the members of all the other great religions (Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism and Buddhism, etc.), Islamists/Jihadists/Muslims – whatever –  are bending over backwards to assimilate and to be accepted as genuine, law-abiding Australians who are perfectly normal and aren’t at all potential psychopaths waiting for the right moment to make their move. According to Waleed Aly’s latest book* Muslims in fact want to become loyal, true-blue Aussies like the rest of us. They want to throw halal prawns on the BBQ on weekends, crack open halal tinnies while humping their sheilas during half-time and exercise their democratic right to march under the Muslim Brotherhood flag on Anzac Day too. See? Just like you and me!

Ah, yes, Muslim blokes and sheilas, Aly sighs.
Muslims too want a more inclusive, more diverse Australia, he says. Not necessarily an Islamist one with a mosque on every corner, a prayer room in every stadium, gays hanging from scaffolds, state-sanctioned paedophilia – and not a Jew in sight. No, not that one yet. That can all come later, he insists. Right now, for all pretences and purposes, Aly says, Muslims want to appear to be just like you and me. And they want to be able to appear to be keen to merge into this great Oz melting-pot of ours and appear to be the loyal, ‘dinky-di’ Aussies that everyone else is, while continuing to use legal devices such as section 18c to dismiss as ‘racist’ the shit-load of evidence suggesting the contrary.

Now, let’s take the treasonous, cowardly manager of Bendigo Bank for instance. The one who. shamelessly, in the interests of inclusiveness and diversity, just closed the ‘Concerned Citizens Group’ bank account because the group opposes the construction of the Bendigo mosque. This manager seems to agree with Aly too.

Or perhaps section 18c and the rest of the HRC/RDA’s legal diktat has scared the living daylights out of him?

(Larry Pickering says that the manager’s name is Chris Bone, but I can’t be sure.)


**‘More Obfuscation From Me,’ Waleed Ali. Published by Halal Books, 2013 (Available from all ABC outlets and other Islamist front organisations Australia-wide.)


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