St George Slays The Islamists

The Truth Behind the Legend: St George -- the Soldier Who Became a Saint

It was a joy to see so many of the usual suspects on Q&A last night (those who didn’t decide to boycott it in a huff) squirming. Squirming, scrambling and scratching around for someone else – anyone else – to blame for their plight of their own making.  Blame anyone but Islam and their continued support for its vile political doctrines: ISIS, Boko Haram, Hamas, Al Qaeda, etc. All the time George Brandis calmly and logically counters their hysterical outbursts, their lies and their dissembling double-speak, sitting impassively and holding his ground.

But at one point George lightened up a bit with a joke: The new security laws, he said, were aimed at evil criminals performing evil acts on the Muslim community (instead of them being aimed at main-stream Muslims who want to destroy Australia from within*), – but no one even smiled. I for one nearly split my sides from laughter. I was still laughing about it two hours later and throughout most of the night.  It was almost as good as the one cracked by both Obama and Cameron. (The one about ISIS having nothing to do with Islam, I mean.)

Reading all the hateful hysteria from the supporters of the caliphate and their Leftist allies on ( this morning, was immensely enjoyable. Their stupidly pathetic rants only going to reinforce the point: that George’s performance was nothing short of magnificent and the new security laws are an excellent first step. Castrating the members of the Q&A audience so they don’t have kids that grow up like their parents is the next one.

* That is, most of them.

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