Money Matters

(WARNING: Political satire follows)


Extremely frustrated seeing that lying, Labor kleptocrat Eddie Obeid still walking our streets, free as a bird. As is that supreme slime-ball, Craig Thompson, having got off because of an inept prosecution.
I owe both of them money and I guess I’m going to have to cough up sooner or later. $50 for a million dollar share in his coal lease scam is not a lot to have to fork out – but it’s the principal of the thing. ICAC has done a demolition job on him and yet I’m still expected to pay up? I guess I still value my knee-caps too highly not to do so sometime soon. And however certain I was that he would be in gaol for life by the time he finds out, pulling a few strings so as to strip him of his Order of Australia  might not have been the wisest thing to do. But a pledge is a pledge and, once it’s paid, in that great historical tradition of Labor grand larceny, the OA trifling will be soon forgotten. Petty differences all sorted in the end: A knife in the back here,  an acid bath there – all transgressions are eventually smoothed over, forgiven and forgotten in the interests of the Labor movement’s principal business at hand: swindling the prols. Nevertheless, despite what that bloody McClymont woman claims, I still completely deny that I ever helped Eddie or anyone else accidentally burn down any of those five restaurants of his for the insurance. I completely deny that.

Craig’s got a nerve to demand his money back. Just because the girl I sent him turned out to be a tranny with hairy legs. He was never that choosy before he got married.

2pm – I get a call from Sinodinos. Just after the news came out today that he’d resigned from the Libs over ICAC, but I was expecting it and was ready to make excuses. I plead poverty instead. He should know that, in the Liberal Party, when the chips are down, you’re on your own.

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