Palestinian Two-State Solution Set-Back


Sad news for the Palestinian cause yesterday as their bid to impose a UN peace resolution on Israel fails to get the required 9 votes in the Security Council. Odd thing that Australia was the only other country that joined with the US to vote against it. It’s almost as if the whole thing was phony exercise, a charade, and only Australia and the US were able to see through it.

But, I have to confess finding the whole Palestinian two-state thing still rather confusing.
For instance, in their recent attempt to demonstrate the peaceful, neighbourly nature a future Palestinian state would present to the world, the Palestinians kidnapped and murdered three teenage children. They then cowered behind their own women and children while they repeatedly fired thousands of rockets, trying to kill more Israeli children. At the same time they executed a hundred of their own dissenting people who thought that this might not have been such a good idea after all. Israel then bombed the shit out of all of them (thus proving the Palestinians dissenters to be correct.)

Coming out in support of the Palestinian cause were the usual anti-Semites, Lee Rhiannon, Jake Lynch, Mike Carlton and the entire ABC Q&A audience who declared Israel “an out-and-out war-monger.” They also agreed that the two-state solution is the best way to help enable the Palestinians to “finally blow the Israelis out of the water forever.” And that Green idiot Ludlum pronounced the Palestinians to be just “poorly-misunderstood freedom-fighters: no different from ISIS fighters,” he said, “except that Palestinians only wanted to slaughter all Jews – and not necessarily everyone else. Yet. So they should be given their own state next door,” he stated, “to make it easier for them.

Finally I rang up my old mate Uthman (call meUthy’) Badar, head Islamist at the Melbourne-based ‘Hizb-Ut-Tahrir Islamist School for Ushering In The Global  Caliphate, Bit-By-Bit’ for his  opinion on the matter. I asked Uthy if there is not something more the Palestinians could do to demonstrate their peaceful intentions to the world, and to dispel the perfectly reasonable suspicion that Abbas and the rest of their leaders were all in fact a pack of congenital liars who would gladly slit every Israeli’s throat once they got the upper hand?
No, there isn’t, he said.



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