Burqas and Monsters are AOK – Andrew O’keefe


The nice multicultural family in Australia want to talk about the monster they’ve suddenly discovered is now living in their basement and wants to eat up all their babies, but Uncle Tim tells them all to shut up and keeps waving a paper in their faces with ‘Section 18C’ written all over it.  Now read on …

(Interview On Channel 7 Sunrise)
Andrew O’Keefe: You’re wrong , Rita. There’s no reason at all why all monsters should be blamed for the actions of a small minority of other monsters world-wide, just because they all happen to be eating people’s babies on a massive scale. It makes no sense, Rita. And besides, you risk making them even more hungry.
Rita Panahi: I’m not blaming them all, Andrew. It’s only that we need to discuss why they are doing it.
Andrew O’Keefe: But why is there a need to discuss it, at all? Anyway, if, like, all the cookies went missing from the cookie jar, you wouldn’t blame the rascally Cookie Monster for it, would you, just because he keeps stealing and eating cookies all the time? Would you?
Rita Panahi (Surprised to find herself talking to an imbecile): Then, just who would you blame, Andrew?
Andrew O’Keefe: Why, you’d just take that rascally Cookie Monster’s sensible advice and blame the nearest Jew, of course.
Rita Panahi: That’s such a nonsensical argument.
Andrew O’Keefe: But that shows just how narrow-minded you are, Rita. Like, you might as well make the entire Channel 7 Board responsible for appointing a complete imbecile to compare a show like this every morning.
Rita Panahi: Who else is there to blame, then Andrew?
Andrew O’Keefe: There you go again. Blaming the majority for the actions of one nincompoop. You know, by the way, Rita, as a woman, have you ever thought of wearing a burqa? I mean, I think they’re pretty cool. And, if you did wear one, you wouldn’t feel the need to try to think or talk intelligently any more …
(Cuts to a commercial.)

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