BITTER DISAPPOINTMENT NATIONWIDE after Bill Shorten at the Trade Union Royal Commission fails to take my advice and refuses to do a mea culpa for past transgressions. Most on the Left agree that he is now a lost cause and despair at the thought of (after recently knifed the last two leading bozos) having to knife him too. And of course the LNP were in raptures of glee while watching his press conference, confirmation to many that he is indeed a shifty little twerp.

I of course have been assailed by the Twitterati who went apoplectic after reading my post last week where I advised Labor’s chosen future Prime Minister that he should tell the Commission the entire truth, and nothing but the truth. One tweets: “How can we continue with our phony ‘Tony Abbott’s Royal Commission Witch-hunt’ campaign when you let everyone know that it’s Shorten, not Abbott, that’s the real phony?” Another: “Bill Shorten loves his children and sends his mother flowers regularly. How can he possibly have helped screw the workers and shaft two sitting Prime Ministers?”

And an hysterical tweeter, Betty Bolshevik from Balmain, tweets: “Now that you’ve exposed the real Bill Shorten, I may have no alternative but to vote for that b*****d Abbott. How can I possibly live with myself?”
Always willing to help out someone, no matter what their political persuasion, I kindly reply to Betty, telling her that many die-hard leftists decided to kill themselves or move to New Zealand (same thing) after Tony Abbott’s election 2 years ago, and I point out that both these noble acts of self-sacrifice for Australia’s greater good were still valid. And, in case she was worried about getting into trouble with the law by moving to New Zealand, I also add that Peter Dutton, the Immigration Minister, confirmed last week that this sort of martyrdom for the lunatic Left is perfectly legal – and indeed was actively encouraged.

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