On The Brotherhood’s Secret Service

yassar morsi

Yassir Morsi
Author of ‘Islamophobia is Racism’
(“Tell a lie, make it big, make it simple,
keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”)

Considering the Goodes brouhaha, Yassir Morsi and other Islamists at the Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding at the University of South Australia (UniSA) are probably irked at the liberal use of the racism label. They would like to think that it was the exclusive prerogative of apologists to employ when denouncing those who expose any part of the Islamist can of worms. For, if it is used willy-nilly to defend silly prima-donnas like Goodes, then racism’s true meaning – which, according to Morsi, is ‘Islamophobia’ – the power of the label is in danger of being watered down.

In dogged defence of Allah and all his works, Morsi has taken this up as his cause célèbre, hell-bent on getting the government to mandate in Australia in Law what Allah’s high-priests and representatives in the Muslim Brotherhood have already mandated: that racism and Islamophobia must be seen as one and the same thing. Otherwise, as long as any legal distinction between the two terms remains in Australia, creating a down-under branch of the future world-wide caliphate through the back-door might be doomed. In other words, enlightened Aussies will continue to be free to point out, for example, just what a pox on mankind Islam has proven to be. And their freedom is bound to eventually make more people cotton on before it’s too late.

As long as apostasy is not a crime (yet) in the West, other means must be sought to shut criticism of Islam down. Official recognition of it as a hate-crime would be the very best means to conceal the true nature of Islam’s enormous can-of-worms from the ignorant and the gullible.

Morsi’s transparently pseudo-intellectual, post-modernist, decontextualist, white-guilt-inducing, clap-trap arguments equating Islamophobia with white racism can be read here. His attempt to co-opt and twist the meaning of words, pervert history and reason, and to generally fuck the infidel’s mind up in the secret service of the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategic campaign of cultural subversion will no doubt bestow upon it their and, presumably, Allah’s, great blessing. And no doubt all his allies on the Left are standing up and applauding, especially at the anti-white bits.

But Morsi also has the added incentive of being rewarded here on earth for his sedition by the non-Muslim, multicultural-luvvie nincompoops at the UniSA who allowed the Centre to be set up in the first place. To usher in the caliphate that more quickly, however, any Islamist would be more than happy to do it for free, and I am certain Morsi would be no exception.

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