(This is not satire)

Yassir Morsi is just one of the thousands of other Islamists who are actively trying to re-educate Aussies with their post-modernist-inspired swindles. And the UniSA is not alone in encouraging him and other Muslim Brotherhood devotees to demand the ignorant infidels modify their lexicons and dispense with their Western sense of reason. Otherwise, the great unwashed will never believe that Islam is all perfect, all sweetness and light, and will continue to dismiss Muslim accusations of Islamophobia for what they really are: Islamobollocks.

In fairness to Morsi, though, part of the defensive shield masking the truly vile aspects of Islam from the ignorant infidel’s gaze is the strict prohibition against Muslims confessing to an infidel that any aspect of Islam genuinely sucks. Taking a friendly non-Muslim aside and saying, for example, that “Yes, I agree with you, I am not allowed to fart during certain prayers, which is a real bummer,”  or, “yes, you are right, the prophet  was a mass-murderer and a pedophile, I totally agree with you,”  – confiding these truths to an infidel is strictly prohibited, no matter how accurate they might be. If it sucks, – and let’s face it, most of Islam does – Muslims are strictly forbidden to admit to it, for harsh penalties apply. In other words, nothing can be said about Islam that does not benefit Islam itself. Otherwise, guess what…?,  according to the ROT,* such Muslim whistle-blowers get no paradise –  and definitely don’t get the 72 virgins, (the latter being, as far as the male is concerned, the sum total of what Islam is all about, isn’t it?)

However, Morsi is not just refraining from mentioning the war (so to speak) with his treacherous, dirty little work. Like all good Islamists, he and his MB associates are actively engaged in cultural jihad, attacking the West’s freedoms from within by cooking up – in tandem with their progressive-bigot buddies – more word-games and more doublespeak to continue to befuddle the gullible.

Don’t believe a word of what the multicultural apologists say. The wolf is already in the house. He wears sheep-clothing and he speaks with a forked-tongue.



*ROT – Reliance of The Traveller: Section r.20. Slander (Ghiba) and Section r.30. Talebearing (Namima). 

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It's just satire, really.
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