Kill, Kill, Kill.
Slander is a crucial part of Islam’s defensive shield which, like kryptonite and Superman is there to kill you if you get too close to it. For the true Islamists, such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi, Islam is the perfect religion, The Koran, the revelation of Allah, unchanging, faultless. If you criticise the Koran you are insulting and thereby slandering Allah (because he wrote it) and you deserve to be killed for apostasy because, let’s face it, you are a fucking apostate. And criticism of Muslims (‘talebearing,‘)* of their scriptures – Hadith, Shariah Law, etc – constitutes slander under Shariah Law, which is just another form of apostasy demanding – for non-Muslims in particular – immediate death.

Just physically defending yourself against Islam in any way amounts to Islamophobia (to a Western audience) and is a form of apostasy (to a Muslim audience) to some absolutely crack-pot Islamic circles (eg, ISIS). According to them, Australia – along with all other countries – originally belonged to Allah (and not to the aborigines as we long thought) so Aussies offering any defence if Islamists attempt to take it back in the future will be the same as waging war against God, again deserving summary execution if you’re captured.

These same Islamists declare that all non-Islamic countries, including Australia, are illegally occupied and demand that we hand them over immediately. In the interim, lacking the power to take back Allah’s lands themselves, Islamists declare (following one of Mohammad’s military tactics) a temporary truce with the infidel – whether the Infidel knows it or not – hoping that the infidels won’t send a drone after them in the meantime. Just as Iran will probably do, Islamists of all persuasions will tear up the treaty when it suits them because in reality they are at perpetual war** with non-Muslims and only pretending to want peace. Hamas is a good example. (Why is it, I wonder, that there are over 1700 millionaires in the Gaza Strip, but the people live in poverty and the place is constantly in ruins?)

Dissembling, lying through their teeth to the infidel, as we all know is highly praised by Allah and actively practised by Mohammad, as we all know, but honouring a truce longer than necessary makes no sense at all. Mohammad broke truces as he pleased, so why shouldn’t his followers?

Islamists in Australia haven’t declared a truce with Australians: they just pretend that they are not secretly at war with us. People like Yassir Morsi at the UniSA and the others who cry ‘Islamophobe’ whenever we see them subverting our culture attest to this fact.



* ROT – Reliance of The Traveller: Section r.20. Slander (Ghiba) and Section r.30. Talebearing (Namima).
** The Quranic Concept of War: Pakistani Brigadier (general) S. K. Malik 1975, with the first English Indian reprint edition published 1986. Majid Khadduri, 63-64.

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