(This is not satire)

If we can’t kill them all, let’s call them names.
The Soviets starting locking up their key dissidents in mental institutions in the 70’s after their courts pronounced them to be mentally ill. Why so? By criticising the communist regime, the dissidents were demonstrating a marked failure to comprehend that they were in fact living in a worker’s paradise – and were thereby denounced as lunatics in need of urgent psychiatric help. (But of course this was just an expedient political lie and a means to get rid of them without having them executed.) But at the time the Koran was being put together 1400 years ago, there was no such thing as a mental institution and all-conquering Islam didn’t have time for this silly kind of pussy-footing around with recalcitrant prisoners: if you won’t convert, you have two choices: be enslaved or be killed.

When living in the West, unlike in the good old golden days of Islam, the Islamists can’t easily just kill their slanderous critics when they feel like it (despite having Allah’s blessing), so they have to shut them down by intimidation or calling them names. Islamophobia works on the same sort of principle as the Soviets with their psychiatric wards: criticism of Islam, the perfect religion, is unfounded so the perpetrators must be mentally ill in some way.

In the late 1980’s, the Muslim Brotherhood coined this term ‘Islamophobia’ – clearly inspired by the world-wide cries of homophobia whenever their Khomeinist mates hung a Gay from a crane in down-town Tehran. Unable to easily just kill their Western opponents and be done with it, here was a temporary solution: a powerful, catch-all put-down to simultaneously silence the infidel’s slanderous criticism and a weapon for their idiot multiculturalist allies to use to shout down their opponents. (They can kill the unbelievers at a future date: meantime, this would do.)



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It's just satire, really.
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