OIC chief Ihsanoglu_0
OIC Chief Ihsanoglu (2005)
“What can we do about the infidels
who keep calling Islam a crock of shit?”

So this brings us to the proto-Caliphate, a.k.a. the OIC.* The problem for the OIC was: If we can’t kill them all, how to deal with the infidel resistance to this bollocks?

In 2005 the OIC embarked on a 10 year campaign to outlaw Islamophobia, arguing that governments world-wide should agree to suppress Islamophobia by criminalising all ‘contemporary’ forms of racism’What are ‘contemporary forms of racism’?  The OIC deviously devised that the meaning of Islamophobia (hatred of and opposition to Islam) was to be conflated with the meaning of racism (hatred based on race), along with xenophobia. So, faced with the growing resistance to Islamification, they argued that the definition of racism should be expanded beyond hatred based purely on biological differences to include defamation – read, criticism – of Islam. What the OIC and with it, the Muslim Brotherhood want the West to do is subordinate their speech code standards to Islamist standards, which are of course are based on Shariah Law, which labels all criticism of Islam as slander, and which we should all know by now, demands death. And our spineless Western leaders seem to think that this is a good idea.

Along comes UN Resolution 16/18. Designed by the OIC (a.k.a. the proto-Caliphate, a.k.a. ‘The Caliphate-In-Waiting’) to force governments to kill off Islamophobia in their population through ‘peer pressure’ and ‘shaming.’ This is of course censorship of free-speech, but the last time I looked, Hillary Clinton seemed to be positively gushing at the thought of helping appease the Islamist monster in this way, as both she and Obama bow and scrape before their future masters. And Muslim Brotherhood fans like Yassir Morsi at the University of SA must be smacking their lips and rubbing their hands together in glee. If 16/18 is adopted, the Islamists will have taken control of our free speech and pretty well have won the war.

With Section 18C still in place, which denies us the right to offend, and not having an equivalent of the American First Amendment, the Islamists are right on track to shutting down all dissent in Australia. For this we can not only give thanks to Morsi and the Muslim Brother front group he writes his pseudo-intellectual clap-trap for (the ICMNMU**), but also to the thousands of other crypto-Islamists and their Leftist apologists, who are working over-time to return Australia to the bosom of Allah where it belongs.


* OIC: Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (57 Islamic member states).
** ICMNMU: International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding, University of South Australia

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